Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Challenge

Upcoming events:
April 7: my 33rd birthday
April 8: a day off of work to celebrate my birthday
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

So i started this April challenge yesterday, i have to workout according to the calender on my fridge and burn 500 calories each time.  my calorie goal is around 1400 a day (normally im around 1700). 
my workouts include either going to my gym or a bunch of videos and gaming systems.  last night workout was 30 day shred level 1, followed by dance central 3 (happened to be the 70's playlist), then walk it out until i reach 500 calories.

so i did take a photo of the dance central 3 screen, but you cant see it.  so ill post a pic of pepper instead
she has a paperbag handle around her neck, her and her best friend kreacher were playing, something spooked pepper (She is a very timid cat) and that is what i saw.  i took a pic and then removed it.  im not THAT mean.  i sent a pic text to my husband that said super peps? (kreacher did this when he was younger and it looked like a cape, he then was startled by it and it took forever to remove it-we called him super kreach). sometimes pepper helps out with my workouts, she likes to stand on the balance board.

FINISHED, it was about 6:45pm. yuck.
anyway this morning im tired and sore.  not a bad sore though.  just a OMG jillian!!! type of sore. i took measurements yesterday too.  i wont post those until the end.
tonight i have to go to the gym and do 15 minutes of a super fast walk on the treadmill.  i am hoping to keep it at 4.0 mph but if i need to i can lower it down to 3.7 mph (i can walk a full 30 minutes at 3.5 mph with no problem).  then i just need to round out my workout with whatever to finish my time.  lately ive been hanging on the rowing machine,  we will see how my shoulder feel and how busy the gym is.  i usually wait until 8pm to go to the gym just to avoid people.  my gym is open until 10pm.
so my backyard is done  ready for the beauty?

so you get my finger and a cat above it (that is lilly-yes im one of those crazy cat ladies, i have 3, only lilly goes outside, the other two can hang out inside with the dog).

same finger!!!  so now it is up to me to water the lawn or should i say seed?  LOL. 

so i wanted to put my faith in myself and tell you how i am going to finish the april challenge, right now im at about 2% that i will do it.  that will change as the day goes on.  last night it was tough when i couldnt have a snack after my dinner, cause i was out of calories. 

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  1. I don't count calories...I am bad about being able to do that