Friday, March 29, 2013


today is my mom's b day.  happy b day mom.  she gave us a bit of a scare back in Feb.  but i think she is ok now.  just needs to take some medicine so she doesnt have anymore seisures. 
anyway what i am here for is to update my fitness.
i did great yesterday, my husband even suggested that we get chicken quesadillas from my favorite place (it is called landmark americana-i love their food there).  and i was like nope, i took out chicken to make my own chicken quesadillas.  and then my avocado had gone bad :(  so oh well, i didnt need it anyway (i do love those).  the husband ended up working late and came home with Burger King.  I am so not a fan.  the only thing i like from most fast food places are milkshakes.  and those dont fill me up.  so i pass. 
i had made him chicken and put it in the microwave, but i guess we will eat it in the next few days.
so i went to the gym and did my workout. my stomach was a tad bit upset.  i blame the metformin for this. 
i fogot to turn off the watch when i got in my car.  but i did a great job, especically being that i wasnt feeling THAT great. 
with this metformin crap, my freaking blood test results better come back much lower than they have been or else im going to stop taking it.  id rather not have to know at all times where the bathroom is located (ok in reality i always have to pee, so this is normal. but with the metformin i am having a lot of butt issues).  i am on the extended release and i take one pill at dinner time.  my blood sugars are not in the diabetic level but higher than they should be (the endo gave me the numbers back when i saw her but i forget what they were) and this is her suspision on why im not pregnant.
anyway i leave you with a pic of buttlick castle, that is lilly chillling in there. 
have a happy easter if i dont blog before then!!!

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