Sunday, April 7, 2013

weekend recap

Upcoming events:
April 7: my 33rd birthday-TODAY
April 8: a day off of work to celebrate my birthday
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 5-Friday): jillian michael's 30 day shred, dance central 3 and walk it out.

actual: friday was very tough, i no longer was nauseous but i was having what i call the Oh Gads issue for the ENTIRE day.  i dont think i have ever pooped so much in one day, my butt hole actually hurt.  I still went to work (most days i am in the office entirely alone, which was probably the only reason i stayed, plus i do payroll and that is done on Fridays).  sorry for the TMI.  i ended up just taking pepto bismal at 10pm hoping that it would stop the issue, which either it did or i ran out of stuff to get rid of.

Saturday (April 6): scheduled day off, CHECK!!!  we did go to the king of prussia mall to the northface store and got me a rain coat from them.  we also ate dinner there, i love how you can get most nutrition info from the internet anymore.  

Sunday: (april 7, also known as my b day).  on today's schedule was 30 day shred level 1, and dance central 3.  my husband was nice enough to download dance central 2 and then import it over to dance central 3.  anyway my workout is split because he ran out and got me a bagel with cream cheese and i wanted to eat it while it was still warm.  so the first watch reading was from the 30 day shred

oh i never realized it said this on my b day.  by the way i never adjusted the time, so it was really 9:21 am when i started.  (i dont use the watch as anything other than a heart rate monitor, i am just happy it has the right date).
after the first part of the workout.  my husband came home when i was in the cardio portion of the 3rd set. which means you are almost done.
the second part happened closer to noon.  that was because we had to download dance central 2, then transfer it over, then he also download gandam style (yes i love that song).  i just did random songs.

im off tomorrow, both from work and from working out.  I just hope my bossman is not having a needy day and wont call me at all.  (he tends to call with random questions whenever i have a day off). 

motivation percentage: 100% for some reason today im feeling very empowered and able to do anything.  maybe its the number 33 that is my age now?  maybe it is the day off working out tomorrow? or the lack of counting calories today.  oh i think in my 33rd year i will schedule my 3rd eye doctor appointment (ever).  I went when i was 11, 22 and 33 is the next time right? i only went when i was 22 cause i scratched my eye and it wouldnt stop crying. actually this past year i had a major eye issue, well major to me, a broken blood vessel, i have pics of it somewhere but ill spare you the issue of having to look at it.  (if you beg i will post it).  sometimes it just happens. 

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