Friday, November 30, 2012

random stuff

i realize that i write in this blog but no one really knows me.  i have a diary on another site.  ive been on there since 1999.  so umm yeah ive made a few friends. 

so quickly here is some info:
my name is jaime, i live in west chester, pa (yes the home of QVC and bam margera-i dont know bam but i know some of the other guys from jackass).  im 32 years old, i can barely pass for 17 (im serious i got carded to buy a video game for my husband that was rated M)
im married, got married on oct 2, 2010.  my husband is named rob he is around my age (either 33 or 34 i cannot remember right now) we started dating August 11, 2004.  he was married before and has a son from his first marriage, his son is 12 right now and if you were introduced to him he would tell you his name and then say he is almost 13.  kids are weird.  step son lives full time with his mother and her husband along with his toddler aged brother.  we get him just about every weekend.
i work full time at a hardscaping and pool building company.  i do the office work there (issuing bills, paying bills, doing payroll, etc).  im the only woman that works at my company. 
not that any people in my real life know this but my husband and i have been trying to conceive since we got married.  I dont like to talk to it to people in real life cause ive been on the other side of the "we are trying to get pregnant and its not happening-im angry" converstation.  so i dont subject people to that. 
im also not willing to go through crazy treatments to get pregnant.  i figure if it doesnt happen in a few years ill adopt an older child
so this is another failed month.  and yes ive been to my gyno (i really need to switch, she is horrible, she pretty much told me that i was fat and needed to exercise, meanwhile i do exercise, she actually laughed out loud when i said i enjoy zumba, not to mention i get a bill in the mail about a month later asking for a co pay, but i get my annual done for no co pay.  i dont like her being sneaky like that). 
so i guess i get to have another month of losing weight and getting healthier. 
speaking of getting healthy i was reading a blog and came across a link to another blog, cool. whatever, the other blog was BORING.  haha sorry it was true.  anyway the lady had posted about how she got into running (i am not a runner and not sure i really want to be one) but she had said she started out using hal higdon 5k WALKING program.  so i was like ohh let me check this out.  i  can walk for miles.  so i printed it out the program looks pretty solid. the first few weeks looks easy but im going to attempt to do it at a speed walking pace (im thinking 4.2 mph or 4.3mph, which for me is walking super fast).  ive walked a few 5ks over the years in rememberance of my friends mother who died in a house fire (it is called Nita's run and it benefits a womans shelter). so i think i will start that on tuesday since that is what the training calls for (im sure i could adjust it to fit my schedule).
other than that my goal of getting to the gym 5 times a week has been rocked.  :)  so i will keep it up.  i do need to add in weight training, i have the 30 day shred, which got me ripped around this time last year, so maybe i should do the weights on that (not crazy about jumping jacks). 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 208.0
Pounds loss: 5.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 53

Monday, November 26, 2012

Post thanksgiving

Our family had a nice thanksgiving, I hope everyone else did too.  we had my step son for the entire weekend (starting from thursday until sunday).  Let me just say that boy definately does not have ADD or anything.  he spent hours playing on his lap top (he is 12 by the way).  he plays a game called minecraft, which i dont understand. 
it is not usual for us to have him for that extended period of time.  the last time we had him longer than normal was when we went to disney world.  I think it is a nice break from him to come to our house where there is no toddler (just a few cats and a dog) roaming around.  his little brother is around 2 1/2 years old. 
as for thanksgiving we actually went into new jersey to celebrate with the inlaws.  The sister in law got a part time job working at bath and body works since she broke up with her b/f a few weeks ago. during the week she works at a daycare, she recently graduated from college and last i heard she was trying to join the police academy.  but SIL was there since it was thanksgiving.  Mother in law had to work (she is a nurse) so she came home to a nice cooked dinner.  Father in law was having issue with his mother (i just refer to her as grandma since the only grandma i had died when i was in 3rd grade) grandma is in her mid 80s and a little out of sorts.  i say she lives off spite.  i actually like his grandma, she is always nice to me, but not so much to her own flesh and blood.  grandma lives with her "sweetie" and they fight like cats and dogs and she accuses him of abusing her.  meanwhile if anyone is abusing anyone its grandma, treating him like a servant.
so the in laws solutions to this are to have her move into their home (she doesnt want to) or move her into an assisted living place, grandma has so many health problems (mostly involving the bladder) that it would benefit her to be in a place where you can get more care "as needed" and then there is the slight issue of her sueing almost every doc that touches her-a lot of places turn her away now. 
so this was upsetting my father in law (that is his mother).  so he ended up turning off his cell phone saying he was enjoying the day with the family that wants to be near him.
the turkey was awesome,  i think my sister in law made it.  i ate until i was stuffed.  we also ate dinner at 3pm.  i never had dinner that night, now that i think about it i don't think my step son did either. 
Black friday: my original plan was to go to kohls and look at sweaters.  then i found out the sale was online and starting before midnight.  so i logged onto their site and dropped a few items into my shopping cart.  and i went to check out and it was like "sorry for the delay" my guess is that everyone else was attempting to do the same thing i did.  so i tried again in an hour and then just gave up and went to bed.  so friday morning i tried again and i got myself locked out (seriously i just made up the password yesterday, how did i forget it already?) so i was like screw it, and i drove to the store (i had two coupons-one for 15% off my entire order and the other for $5 off my purchase on that day only-but in store only for the second one, also the online ordering place had put 6 dollars ish in sales tax on my clothes-sorry buddy i live in PA there is no sales tax on clothing)
so while at the store i found everything i was looking for and the one sweater already had a snag in it before i tried it on, so i put that one back.  i got a few good deals, everyone got brand new pj's to wear and i got a new sweater and a new shirt.  my total was around 85 bucks.  i got $15 in kohls cash to use starting today.  i saved a ton of money by the way. 
i was in line to pay for about 20 minutes. the line was almost to the back of the store.  but it wasnt too bad.  i also went to target and got cat food (my cats were hungry) and picked up lunch for me and the guys.  as you can tell i didnt work on friday. 
on the working out front, i went to the gym Friday and Sunday over this weekend.  I am using this Zombies! run app. which im not a zombies lover, and i find the one ladies voice to be super annoying,  i paid 8.99 for this app hoping it would keep my interest and now im just hoping it either gets more interesting OR i am done using it. 
tonight after work im getting my hair cut and dyed.  i have naturally curly hair and a thyroid condition, so i lose my hair like crazy (and it has been like this for years and im not bald yet) so i keep my hair somewhat short.  a lady that i met at hair cuttery a zillion years ago does it at her house.  she is an interesting character,  we share the same b day (april 7) but she is two years younger than me.  she used to be really big too, i think she wore a size 24, but she went on some crazy crash diet and lost a ton of weight (it was not healthy, she didnt eat 3 or 4 days a week) somehow she got on a half iron man circuit and a trainer and eats every day of the week now but became a vegan (no meat or dairy).  she keeps trying to talk me into joining her but her diets are too extreme for me. 
so maybe tomorrow i will have some funny story to tell, last time i was over her house she had gotten her purse stolen while out for a jog.  and someone had cashed a check at the bank using her checkbook and ID and left her very poor.  she had her friend over (he had his g/f with him) to try to reset her passwords on her accounts.  she kept saying how her identity had been stolen and she was really upset.  the best part about that story was the teller knew her-and it took her a while before she was like wait that wasnt A!!  which is how they caught the error.  so odd.

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 209.4
Pounds loss: 4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 54.4

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pre thanksgiving

i love thanksgiving, and it is not for the food.  I like the idea of family getting together and just spending time together. there are no gifts involved, just showing up, maybe with some food. 
I wish my family would get together. I go to my husbands parents house, we normally have my step son (the ex wife states that they have a family dinner every sunday-her family all lives within a few miles of each other-i heard it is a trait of being italian-which isn't a bad stereotype.  im everything, therefore i have no nationality other than "american" which im fine with). 
today is my last day of work until Monday, I am taking Friday off unpaid.  I am debating on going to kohls at midnight on thanksgiving.  I got a $5 gift card to use for free if i come in in a certain time period and an additional 15% off coupon with the same deal.  they have some sweet sales going on.  But we will see how i feel after driving for 1.5 hours to get home from the in laws.
speaking of i am thankful that my inlaws changed their minds about moving.  my father in law got laid off from his job in philly (they live in new jersey) a few years ago.  he is a big wig for a food additives company (think the people that make the caramel sauce for starbucks. and other things like pie fillings-and others) so he ended up getting a job shortly after being laid off but it is 6 hours away (by train).  it is in PA but PA is a large state, and i live near philly.  they put their house up on the market and havent sold it.  i think his dad has worked there for 2 years now?  they rent him an apartment, apparently cost of living there is super cheap.  and he is making a bit more money than he was at his old job. 
so last time we went to visit my mother in law informed me that they were just going to stick it out for another 2 years and then both retire and just live in the house they live in now (it is almost paid for). 
i was dreading the costs it would take to go and visit my in laws.  i was told that a train ticket was $55 each-which times that by 3 and you can guess who won't be coming to visit often (heck i complain about the $5 toll to get back into pa). 
so the good thing is that they are sticking around. 
here is a helpful tip, even if it is only for myself, when you are feeling snacky-leave the house.  :)  then you cannot eat anything.  last night i went to the gym. 
and i saw something funny at the gym,  there was this perky woman (my guess is 22 years old) running crazy fast on the tredmill trying to attempt to take a pic of herself with her iphone.  she did slow it down from 8.0 down to 6.2 mph.  nuts.  my gym as a no picture policy (my guess is that you can take your own pics but not of anyone else) so if they did not have that policy i could have taken her pic for her.   
happy thanksgiving to my american friends. 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 211.0
Pounds loss: 2.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 55

Monday, November 19, 2012

slow down and enjoy the journey

i was thinking about things, i am 32 years old and i spend most of my time "wishing" away my life.  As in
I wish it was 4pm so i could leave work
i wish it was saturday morning so i could sleep in
4 million days until my next vacation

those are some of the examples.  other things i realize is that i never stop to enjoy what i am doing.  i should be happier, i am relatively healthy (some issues reguarding my weight but im not on my death bed), i have a job that i enjoy (as much as i can enjoy any job), i have a loving husband and we have no real big issues between us.  I have a step son that hearing/reading about my friends baby's momma drama, is a cake walk (no huge issues with the ex wife).  i have amazing friends and what is left of my family rocks. 

so my goals for the next few weeks, 1) drop weight: 213.4 currently and no im not going to dwell on the fact that i was down to 193 a few months ago-by the way i unpublished my WW results, at least i will 2) enjoy the journey, slow down and realize that i am blessed 3) count calories (i guess that should be part of 1 but nah) 4) make my own food that way i know what it is in 5) be positive, even if it is just not thinking nasty thoughts about someone else. i am an overly positive person, but sometimes mean thoughts do enter into my mind.  if it doesnt hurt me, move on.  6) be extra nice to my husband.  not that im not always nice but sometimes he gets the back end of a bad day. 

so i think i will be updating every few days, i might as well include a little thing like this

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 213.4
Pounds loss: 0
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 58.4

since today is the starting day you dont really have much going on there.  give it time.  im back to a handwritten journal, which has worked for me in the past.  Tonight i plan on going to the gym for a bit.  i do enjoy the gym, i just feel like im missing out on a party or something every time i go (i just remember the growing pains episode where chrissy has to go to bed and swears she saw the entire family having a party while she was sleeping-yep exactly what happens at my house too).

i have no time line on this.  my goal for the rest off the year 2012 is to be 1 lb lighter than i am right now.