Monday, April 22, 2013

feeling skinny

Upcoming events:
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 21): 30 day shred level 2, dance central 3 and walk it out
actual workout: 30 day shred level 2 and mowing the lawn (heck i have to do it might as well count the calories for it) since it was the first time since what september or oct since i had cut the lawn, i had to do the "im picking up sticks" chore beforehand.  in past years i was able to recruit the stepson to help out-but by the time i figured out that i should mow the front yard, he was already on his way back to his mom's house.  (by the way id pay the step son by getting him whatever candy bar he wanted-good thing he is a skinny kid)  normally it would be probably 500 cals to do the entire front and side yard, but right now i have no grass on my side yard, and new this year the fenced in area (formally known as the pool area) the grass is just sprouting there. no where near time to mow it.  oh i have a back back yard, which ive never mowed.  the grass back there doesnt seem to actually get tall.  its weird.  the last 50 cals of my workout was me throwing rocks over my fence from the "top soil"  it was freaking full of rocks.  not great topsoil if you ask me.

my heart rate monitor is telling me that my battery is low.  in the past ive changed them and never really had luck with it working right afterwards (funny thing is that i can change the straps battery with no issues).  i got this watch at xmas time 2011.  so its not brand new.  actually the price of these has gone down like crazy.  i purchased this one for 100 on sale.  in the past they were more like 150.  so ill have to get a new battery and try it out. 

oh the title of my entry. for some reason today im feeling skinny.  it is a good feeling.  :) 

motivation percentage: 100% 9 days left of april.  i am thinking of calling this 2013 phase 1. then continuing on with may for 2013 phase 1.2.  yep nerd stuff.  each phase will last 2 months. 
today is a scheduled rest day. :)  im planning on making some recipe i found on (awesome site by the way, but you have to realize it is put out by kraft so they want you to use their products, and no its not a dieting or counting calories site-so you need to make it less fat and more calorie aware).  i cannot remember what they call it.  but its chicken, broccoli, pasta, chicken broth, um...cream cheese and mozzeralla cheese.  maybe chicken pasta bake?  i want to make it for lunches for work.  i am so sick and tired of lean cuisines and smartones.  i cannot even eat their meals that have meat in it (such bad quality). so this is probably way cheaper anyway.  i measure everything out before hand and split equally.  plus since i made it-there are no perservatives in it.  :)  the hardest part of the entire recipe is the browning of the chicken (the other day my brother told me he doesnt know how to cook chicken, so i told him he had to brown it, but really what you are doing is turning it from pink to white). 

anyway i leave you with this
my husband is playing the 3DS and being forced into cuddles with kreacher. 

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  1. I always forget about Kraft and going there for recipes. I will have to do that. I am big into using the crockpot and grill lately..I call the crockpot my lazy cooking days lol.