Wednesday, April 17, 2013

night owl

Upcoming events:
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 16): None
actual workout: 30 day shred level 2, dance central 3 (technically i have dance central 2 on there too-all of my songs are imported over, currently im playing the story line, which is a little on the silly side) and walk it out.  this was to make up for missing sundays workout due to the migraine. 

by the way my heart rate drops down to 101 when im playing walk it out  its not really a heart pumper. which is probably why whenver i am at home working out it takes over an hour (i switch over when im at 400 cals burned).  when im at the gym it takes less than an hour.
and my worries about my head hurting during the 30 day shred, eh, it wasnt too bad. 
so i hate being touched when im working out (my husband came home and was pretending to dance with me, which im like MOVE you are messing up my score) but really i just dont want to be touched when im sweaty.  am i weird?
motivation percentage: 80%  -i will stick with that number for now.
tonight: workout will be 30 day shred, level 3, dance central 3 and walk it out. im not really sure i want to do the weight lifting back to back like that.  tomorrow is my next scheduled day off (i took a print out of a google calender and just wrote down exercises on it, giving myself two days off a week).  i think origianlly whe i did the 30 day shred i did them back to back every day, but that lead to some serious muscle pain. but this is only one day.  and honestly i think level 3 is the easiest of all of them (seirously let me know, i like level 2 the best, level one drives me nuts). 
entry title: so im a night owl, i get so much high energy at night time. but i try to work it out of my system.  cause i work at 8am.  i am not a morning person and its not something i do for attention.  i dont like to be talked to, i dont like the tv or radio on, im just miserable.  i have such a bad morning personality that i have named it connie years ago.  oh and i talk in my sleep. so i blame connie there too. 
yesterday after dinner (i was having a hungry type of day yesterday) i checked my tv shows on the listings (new girl and the mindy project-love them both) they were both on reruns so i was like YEP, im going to bed.  my husband thought i was joking.  but i really went to bed.  it was roughly 8:45pm. 
i woke up this morning at 7 (eh 6:50?? my upstairs has a different time zone, the clock says 7:30 when it beeps at me, but it is fast, cause i leave at 7:40 real time and i have to take the dog out and pack lunch and take a shower and get dressed-not in that order, i choose not to do the math, cause you know what, ill start sleeping in more and more and more)
i should note that im extremely tired right now thanks to the migraine i had sunday.  it takes a good week for me to lose all of the bad side effects.  so right now it is my closer vision is not as good as it was pre migraine, and super tiredness.  i was reading that sometimes cheese can give you migraines.  i did have a 7 pepper sirloin salad at longhorn saturday night, that had blue cheese dressing (so yummy).  but ive eaten that a billion times and never had anything bad happen from it. 
oh thanks to everyone that has left comments wishing me luck with the job offer/interview. i appreciate it.  :) 

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