Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Upcoming events:
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 9-Friday): jillian michael's 30 day shred level 2, dance central 3 and walk it out.

see a kreacher leg in this pic? 

actual:  jillian michael's 30 day shred level 2, except in the warm up workout i felt a twinge in my knee.  i decided to do very low level cardio (no jumping).  i had a ton of knee issues as a kid by the way, not so much as an adult.  then i did the story of dance central 3 (ive just been doing random playlists on fitness).  since it is a lot of actual story it took forever.  and im stuck in the 70's looking for one last dance craze move (did i ever tell you that i get annoyed with backstory?  im a huge fan of world of warcraft but i could care less about setting up reasons to fight.  plus dance centrals back story is about a guy who wants to take away dancing?  yeah, whatever).  i do think the bad guy in dance central 3 looks a bit like a cat though. i also did a few mintues of walk it out.  the trainer said i missed 3 days.  pfft.  
so as you can see it took a long time to complete yesterday.  oh well it happens right.  im still feeling on and off nauseous (it shouldnt be a surprise to find out that ive been trying for years to get pregnant) but ive dealt with so many negative tests that i hate testing anymore. I am trying to ignore this and not get my hopes up that this is the month it finally worked. 

yesterday was a very warm day out.  i was outside for about 40 minutes watering my "seed" which hopefully will be my lawn, it was a little too hot for april though (i think it was 84 when i left work at 4pm). 
i opened up the windows on the ground floor of my house, the second i open windows it aggros cats.  speaking of cats, lilly caught me a sweet bird and left me the entire thing (normally i get feet and a head-i think she wants me to tell her good job)  lilly is my only cat that goes outside anymore (we live in a residential neighborhood, my childhood cats didnt even have a litter box in the spring/summer and fall-i live in the house i grew up in)

while eating dinner i look over to castle buttlick (you will recognize it)
RUINED.  i put it on facebook with the caption "kreachered"

but lilly didnt care. it is still a box, therefore cats love it.  and i throw cat nip on that all of the time. i think it can be just put back together. 
motivation percentage: 80% im somewhat sore today (shoulders). tonight i am supposed to go to the gym and walk 1.5 miles.  easy enough.  we are supposed to have another 80 degree day today.  then back to the 60's for the rest of the week.  i think this temp jump was a bit too much. i like to have jacket weather first. 

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