Saturday, April 20, 2013


Upcoming events:
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 19): 30 day shred level 1, dance central 3 and walk it out
actual workout: 30 day shred level 1, dance central 3 and walk it out. 

this was yesterday right after work.  i don't recall anything going wrong or off.  other than i didnt want to work out (but that is every time).
today (April 20): scheduled workout: 15 min walk at the gym.
i did 1 mile walk at a good pace (slower than i expected, i just cannot walk at 4.0 the entire time).  then i did the rower and ellipitcal until i hit 500
im afraid to wear my headphones on the rower (i think i will slice them?) so i didnt have them on.  i was listening to a couple in their late 40's talking to a guy about the boston bomber thing that happened last night (they caught the 2nd guy).  im sad to say that i dont care what the guy did, he doesnt deserve to be blown up (like the one guy suggested).  a human life is valuable no matter who that person is.  this guy has family and people that love him.  yes he did a super terrible thing. plus he is 19 years old.  too young to die.  i havent heard any updates since "they got him" last night.  i guess i could check the internet
(got to love the simpsons random quotes). 

motivation percentage: 90% im still a little bit tired from my migraine that i had almost a week ago. 
i purchased the original dance central game from kmart thursday night.  i thought it was a bargin at 14.97 (on clearance) but it rang up at 9.97  even better!!!  it still costs xbox points to transfer the songs over but now i have all three dance tracks to choose from.  :)  im still working on the story part of the game. 

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  1. Ok, in all honesty, yes he has a family who loves him, but honestly he and his brother killed 4 people and many others will never live their lives the same way again. Take for instance the one guy who lost both legs while waiting for his girlfriend to complete he marathon. So I can see why they say what they said. In some countries if you steal, you lose a hand. Not that we are that country, but honestly many people believe you need to pay for your sins. He will meet his maker in his afterlife, but if you can imagine for a few minutes all of the hurt, pain, fear, etc. Not to mention how Boston went on lock down for 33+ hours and were in a war zone.

    Just for a minute, imagine you were affected differently. Don't judge those for their words, just remember they may have been affected differently.