Tuesday, July 30, 2013

random thoughts

so im still somewhat new to blogger, i have a list of people i follow, sometimes that disappears on my front page and tells me i follow no blogs.  then it will reshow up.  i am not sure what im doing wrong there (and more than likely it is me).
so i was messing around with my phone the other day and took this pic of myself (i was attempting to do the typical facebook/blog photo, well that happened after i had something in my eye and i was trying to figure out what it was).
so i thought i looked a bit creepy so i sent it to my husband saying i was watching him.
anyway if you look at that pic you can see my eyelashes.  they are constantly in my eyes, i just want to rip them out.  i know i know, i used to get told that most women would kill for those eye lashes (i have a lot of hair in general-do you think i like getting waxed?)
so i started another diet bet.  i made a 1.67 for my last one (4 players at $25 each, 3 of us won so after the 20% is taken out kind of left you with nothing).  so i think for now on i only join larger games.  i was talking to my husband about how much they charge, 20% isnt really all too bad.  i mean they have to have servers and people who work there.  plus any time ive emailed them they have responded right away and then one a bit later with a "we are back up" which was when i couldnt log in with facebook.  i think the new one i joined is called sandy's kitchen (maybe sandi's) i think it has august in the title too.  so right now im doing two dietbets.  i need to weigh in for the new one tonight after work.
i have restarted my 30 day shred challenge.  i want to do the 30 day shred monday, wednesday and friday.  the other days i can either go to the gym or do another one of my many at home workouts.  i figure ill rotate them again, level 1 monday, level 2 wednesday and level 3 friday.  so far im not having any troubles hitting 100% of my daily goal.  so until i stop hitting that number (it ramps up with my activelink challenge) I will not bust my hump to workout.  i didnt actually finish yesterdays workout, the neighbors dog was out and the fair is in town and it was almost hit a few times, so i went to change into another shirt (perhaps less cleavage) to get the dog.  but the other neighbor got to him in time.
im still eating every point i could possibly get my hands on.  i know a lot of people on WW only eat their daily allowance, but pfft no thanks.  ill eat 30 points per day, plus my 49 per week and then whatever i earn in activity (3 points a week, fairly low, remember my activelink doesnt think that 30 day shred is enough of a workout to give me a point at least not level one).  and yes i will cry when it lowers me down to 29 points.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Im really thinking of linking my blog to my dietbet.  maybe i could get a few more readers? 
anyway today was the end of dietbet 2.  i submitted my weigh in and it was verified (meaning i won).  there were only 4 people in the dietbet, looks like 3 of us made it.  i have known everyone from this dietbet for years (online only).  so i wanted everyone to win.  :)
im also in another dietbet (i will call dietbet three). dietbet three has over 900 players in it
so i wanted to post this:  my first dietbet, i started it a few days after i started weight watchers. june 18th according to dietbets website
and today
you can see that i have lost 12.8 pounds (in the second pic i have a little desk lamp making it brighter). my husband wanted me to point out my lack of pinky toe (my toe nail is super tiny, whenever i get a pedicure the ladies laugh at it). 
and you are required to submit full body shots

so i wanted to say thank you dietbet and thank you weight watchers for helping me lose weight.  overall im down a little over 6% of my body weight.  
after i weighed in my husband and i went out to lunch.  i ate 55 points (for the entire day).  my burger was awesome (it was my go to burger with goat cheese and avocado).  i also had an ice cream sundae from dairy queen (small with caramel sauce: 8 points).  remember that i eat all of my points.
anyway if you are a new reader leave me a link to your blog (if you have one). 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Weight Watchers weigh in #6

Last week: 198.6 lb
this week: 195.4 lb
loss of 3.2

see a lot more smilie faces on this one. i made an effort to click the boxes.

my points break down per day.  30 points per day, plus 49 points plus all activity points eaten (i have a question about these activity points but ill put that below)

Friday: 41
Saturday: 52
Sunday: 32
Monday: 37
Tuesday: 33
Wednesday: 35
Thursday: 32
total: 262 average 37.4

so this question about activity points, so i earn them, they show up in my tracker the next day.  so what does that mean when it comes to thursday nights?  does that go into fridays (new week?).
also if the active link is as smart as i think it is, i was way over estimating the amount of points i would get way back when i was doing WW before.  i mean i would have called 30 day shred level 1 at least 1 point if not 2, but according to my activelink. nope.  no extra points for that one.

i missed one of my days on activelink's goals, it was last friday. i ended the day at 98%.  i was eating running up and down the stairs while my husband was out getting our food.  then i was walking the perimeter of our back yard while the doggie was going potty.
technically im not supposed to be earning any points just yet.  but if i go to the gym im not going to go for 10 minutes.

anyway im actually not feeling well this morning, so im going to finish up a few things at work and head out for the day.  (i call these puppy date days, she sleeps on the bed with me and thinks it is the best thing EVER).

my 2nd diet bet comes to a close tomorrow, im really close (like .3 away from goal).  being with how upset my stomach is ill probably blow past that number.  either that or ill gain crazy amounts of weight.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

weight watchers healthy guidelines

thanks weight watchers online for letting me download this.  haha.  but these are those healthy guidelines. 
as for how i am doing on them without actually tracking them, lets go line by line

Fruits and veggies: 5 servings a day.  1 cup for lettuce half cup for everything else.
on a typical work day, i believe i eat 1) banana 2) serving of either raspberries or strawberries, 3) peach or cherries.  so three just in fruit (i limit myself 3 fruits a day, i figure its a lot more than i used to eat by 2 servings).  i also eat a small salad with lunch, i call it two cups of lettuce, so im at 5 right there.  i usually eat another serving of veggies with dinner. so im at 6.  maybe i need to exchange one of my fruits with a veggie? 

choose whole grains whenever possible:  i recently switched to whole grain brown rice (instead of white rice-honestly i think it tastes the same), maybe i should look for a sub when it comes to eating the rolls with my turkey burgers.  i just eat what my husband eats (he eats a sandwich at work every day and uses a potato roll, i doubt they are whole grain).  i dont really eat bread, i havent had any actual bread in the house for a few weeks now.  i will check out the bread isle when i go food shopping tonight. 

Milk products: 2 servings per day.  ive been horrible with this one.  maybe my greek yogurt weight watchers ice cream bars count?  if so then im at one serving per day.  i do use a little bit of milk with my coffee every day (2 oz) but that isnt an entire cup of milk.  I do like milk.  maybe i should drink a glass with dinner at night time.

healthy oil: 2 teaspoons.  i know i dont get them every day but i do get them a few times per week.  if you count my dressing for my salad im even closer. 

Lean protein: i think im good here.  i eat a lot of chicken or pork. 

limit sugar and alcohol: i eat one reeses peanut butter cup a day (lets face it im not dead).  but i cant even tell you the last time i had a drink. ive never been a big drinker.

water: 6-8 glasses per day.  i drink one bottle of water (16.9 oz) so that is two servings, that is just while at work.  if i remember right you can count non caffeinated beverages as half of your water in take.  i drink crystal light at night time. 

mulivitamin: i kind of think vitamins are a sham.  but i do eat two of the gummie ones while at work (the bottle hangs out at work) they are adult strength.  normal vitamins make me feel sick to my stomach (i heard its the riboflavin in them).  so the gummies dont make me feel that way. 

so for the rest of the weekday im going to attempt to work on these.  ill make every effort to click on the little buttons so i get happy faces.  :) 

Friday, July 19, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #5

Last week: 197.4 lb
this week: 198.6 lb
gain of 1.6 lb
so yeah.  i was on track all week and gained!!
there are a few theories on this why i gained (i feel silly listing these by the way but oh well)
1) Celebration tuesday night, included me eating 44 points, which friday i ate 45 points (this friday eating extra points is a normal thing for me) so two days of doing that isnt the best idea.  and all within in my points range, which i  will post below
2) not exactly following the healthy guidelines, i really need to research them and work on it (maybe i will post this weekend on what they are and how i plan on doing them, its things like drinking your water, taking vitamins, eating so many fruits and veggies and getting in milk products along with healthy fats-that might actually be all of them)
3) i hate throwing this on here but lets remember that is is supposed to be harder for me to lose weight being that i have two medical issues, one is hashimoto's disease (hypothyroid) i take meds for it every morning, so besides my hair falling out and getting the occasional hives i dont really have that many issues with it.  then there is also my PCOS. im supposed to take metformin for that but i dont like the side effects (not sure if its normal to have to go running to the bathroom all of the time).  my fasting sugars are a tad bit elevated, im actually supposed to be low carbing it, but it makes me miserable, plus the only reason im supposed to be low carbing it is to help with my trying to conceive (miserable sex is not fun).  which leads me to excuse number 4
4) i felt like crap last night and im pretty sure i ovulated, i was getting crampy for no reason and just downright miserable.  who knows when the last time this happened. 
5) there is always the potential that im pregnant.  im not stopping the trying during the weight loss.  im 33, not getting any younger. 
hmm, i wonder why it doesnt log my workout time.  hey look i got 3 points!!!  i believe i was over 100% the entire week on my ramping up goal.  yesterday might have been close.  like i said i was feeling like crap, even had to do the baby making dance, i was like just do like 5 mins (to my husband). LOL the joys of being married.  :)  but i dont wear my activelink during that, cause um where i put it? 

my points break down

Friday: 45
Saturday: 35
Sunday: 39
Monday: 32
Tuesday: 44
Wednesday: 33
Thursday: 34
total: 262
average per day 37.4

i am going to be celebrating my niece's b days (they are sisters and 2 years apart) the older one turned 14 on July 12 and the younger one turns 12 on July 25 (or 27), i forget which day (she shares the same name with my best friend so that is why i remember how close they are) we are going out to Red robin (the older niece has some medical concerns along with weird allergies-i think it is just part of her issues-she has cerebral palsy) i know they can eat at red robin.  we are going out to dinner tomorrow with them. 

i post in a few days what i have learned about healthy guidelines. 
have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

non scale victory (NSV)

im happy to report that i found a size 10 pair of shorts in my dresser a few weeks ago (tags still on them proving i have never worn them-this was when i was doing a great clothes purge mostly of my husbands) and i tried them on this morning and they FIT and they are acceptable to wear in public (two different things-lets remember that). 
not sure how the weigh in will go tomorrow, im up a bit from last weeks weight (198.6).  maybe i hurt myself with the weighin having my cheat weekly point day on tuesday, eh whatever, im in it for the long haul.  plus im not 100% sure that my scale is really that accurate. 
my goal is a downward trend. :)  and hey i wear a size 10 pair of shorts.  im doing a dance over here.
today is going to be a good day (and i dont care what the scale says, im on plan).
*i should mention that dietbet paid out $18.18 for my first game.  the buy in was 10 bucks.  pretty good considering that i was going to lose the weight anyway.  as for last night i could not log in for some odd reason, i got the total from my email. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

end of diet bet (1st one)

ive been doing the diet bet, i had two games running (two weeks in between each other).
anyway my first one is done. 
lets remember what my pics looked like.
it says 207.8 in case you cannot read it (it was dark)
me on the scale
so today, 28 days later with light added

it says 199.4 and you have a kreacher photobomb (i think we are looking in his ear? at least it is clean right?)
another kreacher photobomb
so im down over 8 lbs, according to dietbet. 
i sent these photos in and they were Ok'ed.  my goal weight was 199.5. so i managed by the skin of my teeth (i guess teeth have no skin) of course i dont like the weigh in after work thing, weight varies too much for this.  and im not a morning person, so id like my husband to stay alive so i will continue to follow through. 
im going to join another bet soon, i am thinking about joining anti jared's dietbet.  http://www.dietbet.com/games/19665 that is the link.  it starts on monday.  the host (anti jared) has guaranteed to maintain his weight, so you automatically win some money if you do win.  :)
ill update with how much i won once i know, weigh ins arent due until tomorrow by midnight.  at least 3 people have dropped out of it, it says the pot is $250 and only 22 people are playing, so yeah at some point we lost 3 people.  the original amount was $10. 
tonight my husband and i went out to dinner and i plowed through most of my extra points for the week.  im not sure this was a good idea or not, but that small ice cream sundae from DQ was worth 8 points.  haha.  we will see how the weigh in goes on friday (for Weight watchers). 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

my first one

yesterday i went and walked on the treadmill for 30 mins, then later on in the night i went to the mall to look for a new bra (i did not find it).  but i walked a lot. 
so looky here: my first activity point. 
see it down in the right hand bottom corner?  :)
i also went to the gym today and did the elliptical machine for 30 minutes, but so far im at 98%.  i know with the activelink that you need to hit what you normally do in a day before it starts counting. being that it is 8:15pm i dont think ill earn a point for today but at least i hit my activelink challenge.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Weight watchers weigh in #4

Last week: 199.6
this week: 197.4
loss of 2.2 lb

pretty good weigh in if you ask me.
i also found this on a separate tab in my WW progress reports
as for the activity earned?  what?  i think i earned 3 points total the entire time i was tracking.  and that was when i mowed my back yard and i was dripping with sweat and i thought i earned 2 small packs of peanut m&ms (5 points for two of them).  but that just shows that i am tracking every day.
im still doing horrible at tracking my healthy guidelines.  it doesnt mean i dont do it.  i just dont think to click the boxes.
average activity points for this past week 30 points per day plus 49 activity points.
Friday: 49
Saturday: 40
Sunday: 36
Monday: 33
Tuesday: 34
Wednesday: 35
Thursday: 32
total 259
average 37

im probably sucking at the water intake.  i drink a 16.9 fl oz bottle each day at work, and i usually take my thyroid meds with 8 oz.  i might drink a glass of crystal light after dinner (fruit punch rocks).   i need to work on that. the issue with work is that the well is rusty, so no drinking the water here.  my bossman does have me buy bottled water but i think he would freak out if i started drinking 3 a day.  i could bring my water bottle to work too.  :)  when i am actually working out i drink a lot of water but i havent been doing any real workouts besides the level 1 of the 30 day shred the other day.
ive been hitting my activelink goals each day starting sunday (i was in my assessment period up until then), my goal is less than 1 point a day.  im still a tad bit upset that level 1 of the 30 day shred did not count for a single point, in the past i think i would have called that 2 points.
overall im happy with my 4th week of WW.  i mean im down 11.2 lbs.  i actually have hit my 5% goal with them (it is automatically assigned-it is using a really old starting weight by the way) i put my next goal at 10% which it said was 183.2.  i think my next goal will be 5% (and to just keep up with it).  or maybe 10% of my starting weight (208.6 which is 187.74).
so things i learned this week: periods suck (making me stay the same weight), that eating fresh fruits and veggies is actually good and makes me feel better-even if it is only in my head), that i like living in onderland and i dont plan on ever getting out of it again, id just like to move a bit more away from the 200s.
oh by the way my real % goal would be:

5%: 198.17
10% 187.74
that is as far as i want to think of right now. :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013


i did level 1 of the 30 day shred yesterday, this is the first time in about what two months? maybe more like 6 weeks.  anyway my shoulders are so sore (good sore not an injury).  i spent the rest of the night with shakey arms.  thanks jillian michaels.
im wearing my activelink, i hooked it up after my workout and i think the thing glitched out on me.  all of a sudden i went from having 0 activity points to 23.  i was like what?  i put it back on and went to make dinner.  my husband comes home an im like i think my activelink is being a jerk, it says 23 activity points (which you guys know i will eat mine-that is the goal).  so i was thinking ill just call that a glitch and eat normally.
i replugged it back in and went through the activelink site (instead of directly to weight watchers.com) and it went back to zero points.  so im not sure what happened there.  i told my husband cancel the food party, i dont have 23 points to eat.
so as of right after dinner i still didnt have any activity points,  i might have earned one (i will plug it in after work today).  i would think 30 day shred level 1 for a 199ish lb woman would count as something.
anyway tomorrow is weigh in day.  im secretly hoping for 2 lbs loss, but i will be happy with anything over a half a pound (did you know that WW is designed to help you lose 0.5 to 2.0 lbs a week anything beyond that is too much per week-of course i think the first 3 weeks dont really count towards that).
lately ive been obsessed with goat cheese (ok so i figured out that i dont like it on its own, its got a bit of a bite to it).  this of course started last year with me ordering this awesome burger from a place called pj's (it is so awesome i have a pic of it on my phone).
there one of them is.  it is called something like a california turkey burger, it is a turkey burger (which i dont like the mix at this place so i opted for a real burger, and i normally like turkey burgers) with goat cheese and avocado on it, there is supposed to be sun dried tomatoes but im not a big tomato fan-unless it is in salsa.
so when i went food shopping the other day i picked up a tiny package of goat cheese, there were flavors, but i opted for the original, the flavors were honey or garlic and herb.
i made my own turkey burger with 1/4 avocado and 1 oz of goat cheese.  it rocked. im going to have that tonight for dinner.  I should start taking pics of my food that i make myself, cause it is never pretty but always tastes good. (my husbands claims i cook with spite-but ive been cooking since i was 12 and really dont like to do it but i like to eat).
and just for fun. this was taken the same day as the burger pic
NACHOS well they are cheese steak nachos.  they are oh so good.  my husband, my step son and i barely ate half of them.  
sometimes i see people post pics of nachos and im always like those are not nachos.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


If you have fond memories of back when you were a kid and you were super skinny and hated eating, im a bit jealous of you.  i was a chubby kid (looking back i wasnt THAT chubby but i wasnt a toothpick like the other kids).
that being said i need to remember why i want to lose weight.  there is a short story of me hanging out at my aunt's house (this is the aunt that has the two girls-so my female cousins, i try not to use names cause well, i dont want anyone to be upset i was talking about them without their permission, my aunt has passed away back in 2005, but I shall just call her Aunt)  being that i was staying overnight they had to feed me (shocker!!) i was probably around the age of 11 or so.  we got hoagies (can you tell im from near philly? i think everywhere else would call them subs, but no they are hoagies here) so i was eating my dinner and looking at my roll and i asked my aunt what the little balls were on my roll (i now know that it is corn starch so the roll doesn't stick to the pan), my aunt said (she had finished her hoagie i had barely gotten half way through the first half, oh i failed to mention my aunt weighed well over 400 lbs).  she told me i was weird to stop staring at my food and eat it, she never looks at her food that closely.
maybe that was the reason why she had gotten so big?
the year my aunts younger daughter got married, my aunt (her mother) dropped down to 150 lbs.  i believe that my cousin got married in 1999.  want to know how she lost weight?  she stopped eating and stopped taking her loony meds (she was bipolar).  by the time she passed away in 2005 she was back up to her highest weight (400 ish pounds it is hard to weigh someone that size) and they had to buy an extra wide casket for her, along with dig an extra big hole in the cemetery. At the funeral they tapped guys from our family on the shoulder to help move the casket and their faces turned beat red.  one more embarrassing moment for my aunt.
I had to pay $150 to someone to help hoist my dad (after he passed away) into the  oven to be cremated (i guess they dont call that the oven)
i dont want to die and have to pay extra for anything, i dont want my family to be embarrassed in addition to being sad.  by the way i want to donate my body to science anyway.  go on vacation and have fun, i wont need the money when im gone.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

weekly progress report from weight watchers

so yeah i never posted this yesterday. so here it is today.  like i said i lost nothing. 
my period started yesterday, so im starting to feel better.  my weight is slightly down this morning, even though my husband and I went out to have awesome burgers from this place called PJs. 

anyway just to keep it consistant here are my daily totals and then an average. daily points are 30 per day (not to drop below that).
Friday: 53
Saturday: 35
Sunday: 30
Monday: 35
Tuesday: 37
Wednesday: 37
Thursday: 33
average: 37

Friday, July 5, 2013

weight watchers weight in #3

Last week: 199.6 lb
this week: 199.6 lb
loss of 0

so yeah.  i was on track all week and i lost nothing. 
there are a few theories on this why i lost nothing,
1) period is due soon (i got bloated enough that i took a pregnancy test and it was negative)  period is actually due tomorrow and im so uncomfortable in my own skin right now.
2) too many outings this week (we did our normal friday night out, my in laws for a BBQ on saturday and my cousins for a BBQ yesterday, normally my week consists of friday night out).
3) not tracking enough.  ive been back tracking on tracking my food, which i know leads to me forgetting things like cheese on my cheese burger.

anyway im not too worried about my weight right now.  im going to continue on the way i have been and hoping that this is just a blimp on the weight loss road.  if next week i dont see a loss, i will come up with something new.

plus WW is telling me that im averaging 3 lbs a week. which is one pound too many.  so maybe this week my body is like yeah, lets not do that.  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer forever!!!

i dont know if i mentioned it on here but im loving fruit right now, most of it is PERFECT.  peaches tastes awesome, cherries tastes awesome. 
i wish fruit was ripe all year round, ive been staying away from apples right now, cause i know in a few months it will be apple time.  at some point ill be like EWW an apple.
so i wish summer would last forever. :)  well probably not. 

i dont have any big upsets or successes to talk about. im still chugging along.  still eating all of my points and doing my accessment fo my activelink. 

it looks like it is back to mowing my own yard again.  i guess my brother and i are fighting.  pretty much he is begging me to feed him (but when i called he was eating pancakes and eggs? last time i checked that isnt starving), and he wants me to wait until he is good and ready to mow my lawn.  meanwhile he is pissing me off cause he keeps saying he will come and doesnt show up, or only does half of it.  he actually hung up on me when i pointed this out.  i sent him a text stating that i  was helping him out by paying him to mow the lawn, but i can mow my own lawn (its not hard).  it takes about 40 minutes if you do the weedwacking too (i hate weedwacking).  i guess i can count lawn mowing as exercise.  :)  i did tell my husband that he has to do it every other time (he does not like to mow the lawn due to allergies-but i have the same ones.  take a claritin and then shower and change after you are done). 

i am back to drama free living. :)