Friday, April 5, 2013

April 4th update

Upcoming events:
April 7: my 33rd birthday
April 8: a day off of work to celebrate my birthday
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 4): 15 minute walk at 4.0.  i already know this is impossible for me, so i just walk a mile as fast as i can.  yesterday was harder than normal due to my feeling barf-i-ness.  my husband said i should take off but i said no, unless im actively puking or bleeding to death i am going.  i left there with more sweat than usual.

I feel better today than i did yesterday.  which is good.  I think my scheduled day off is Saturday.  my schedule is at home and i never took a pic OR scanned it. which is a good idea.

motivation percentage: 25% feeling a bit more in control today.  which is good.  i wish i could be the person who enjoys working out, but i dont. i hate every second of it.  about 15 minutes after im done i feel wonderful (i wish this would show up faster). 

normally on friday's i would do a no count day, but today i am counting (the entire month of april i am counting-except i think i am not counting on my b day).  i was just looking up the calorie content of california tortilla.  what i normally eat is 600 cals (and i normally get chips with it too, i dont need the chips).  for my b day they put a free buritto on my card, but that is like 688 calories.  i didnt bring anything with me today, but i have a lean pocket in the fridge (does not sound appealing right now).  i also need to run out and grab envelops for payroll (ran out) so i could grab something in that shopping center, which there is a grocery store called Acme (are those everywhere?)
tonight im sure my workout is 30DS level 3, dance central 3 and walk it out. 

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