Monday, February 17, 2014

week 36 weigh in and Monday goals

Two  weeks ago: 184.8
This week: 185.8
gain of 1 lb

this is from friday.  I need to start using this blog more.  I tend to put it on the back burner when i have a not so good weigh in (i actually think i might have been down from last week, but i cant go back in time and weigh myself). 

so anyway i want to start a list of goals, and check them out every monday and add new ones or adjust (or keep the same).

so im going to start simple, 2 goals

1) count points, stay within range, this might be a bit tricky this week since I took friday off since it was a holiday (i take holidays off from counting points cause really, it gets tedious after a while). currently i get 28 daily points. i eat all of my points (including activity)

2) workout 5 days this week.  i need to rewrite that schedule, but it shouldn't be undoable, ok so friday is the start of my week and i didnt work out on friday (once again due to the holiday).  So far i worked out Saturday and Sunday.  3 more days to go.  I want to utimately aim for 7 points a week on my active link report.  as of yesterday i was at 2. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

no weigh in this week

ok so I have no access to a scale and no control over what I eat (ok well portion sizes are in my control). why you ask?

PECO is my electric company.  I live in chester county (south eastern pa somewhat near philly) and we had a bunch of snow two weeks ago (13 inches).  then another 3 or so inches just this week.  so then we were expecting more snow followed by ice on Wednesday.  so I go to bed saying, thankfully we haven't lost power.

famous last words.  I woke up at 4am cause im seeing flashes of lights.  it is dark in the house (but it should be at 4am) and the puppy is upset.  a giant tree branch fell and landed on the power lines and the shed two houses over.  we have been without power since 4am Wednesday.

I have a house with everything electric, no fireplace, no woodburning stove, nothing to heat it if the electric is out.  I also have well water (which is super common where I live, but not everywhere) so no power = no water once we lose prime (suction).

so it got cold in the house. wait. it is still cold in the house.  plus the original numbers for chester county reported by peco was something like they service 217,000 homes, and 183,000 of them were without power.  seriously? 

so you say, but Jaime you have a ton of pets, where are they?  Puppy has been traveling with me, we went to work yesterday (also no power, but located in Delaware county) they had generators going along with this scary propane heater (they also gave me a slightly less scary propane heater but still scary).  the birds went to my cousin's house, she happened to be one of the lucky few with power,I took a shower at her house on Wednesday.  apparently the birds are entertaining the kids and my cousins.  my other cousin (her sister) lives a street over from the cousin with power and is without power, so they have been living with the cousin with power.  (im sure the cousin without power still has to go to work, since she works for the hospital). 

so that leaves 3 poor kitties at home.  :( they will be fine, its been slightly warmer outside lately.  we left a lot of laundry in baskets for them to sleep in (ok so I never got around to folding it, but cats love clean laundry)

I have my neighbors watching the house for me, my husband checks on the cats when he goes to work and feeds them. 

so they are predicting our power will be back on by sunday at 11pm.  nuts. 

so im trying to not freak out about this.  there is nothing I can do.  I took today off work so I didn't have to make the journey back to PA (we are staying with the in laws).  I was at the house yesterday running the scary heater (my niece for Christmas a few years ago gave me a carbon monoxide detector-normally I have nothing in my house that causes that, but I hooked that baby up and was like thanks for that gift!!!)  and went to my friends house that is one street over (also no power but she has public water, so she filled up 3 buckets of water for me to flush my toilets).

so my in laws have been feeding us.  which is super nice of them, but they make giant meals.  how are they not 400 lbs?  so I haven't been tracking, I haven't been weighing myself either or even getting to the gym.  so lets hope im not doing too much damage.

so yesterday I finally got my laptop hooked up and plugged in my activelink, I had 3 points.  LOL that is how much running around I did.  nuts. 

currently im at my in laws house, with the puppy (I have an upstairs puppy and a downstairs puppy, cause both puppies are BAD dogs and try to bite each other).  kira is the downstairs puppy.  she even went to work with me yesterday.  :) 

so prepping for the cold for a few days, we unplugged all electronics (we are thinking power surges).  we also drained the rest of the water out of the taps (hoping that the pipes wont freeze burst).  today my husband went and shut off circuit breakers that are doubled up (I think those are oven, well, dryer, ac)

anyone else have any ideas on how to winterize my home?  please send positive vibes/pray for us to get power back soon and for the electric crews to be safe.