Tuesday, January 29, 2013

confessions of a lazy person

i should warn everyone, im a huge fan of memes (a meme is what the imagine above is called along with the caption before i knew what they were called i would call them LOLcats minus the cat).  i also love LOLcats too. 
but this entry is about me being lazy.  i force myself to do things all of the time that i hate doing.  such as waking up in the morning, im so a night owl.  i hate doing dishes but i know that it will only take me a max time of 5 minutes to unload and reload the dishwasher.  the sucky part about me being lazy is that the husband is also lazy, dare i say even lazier than me?  he would never do a chore if not promted.  we got into a fight a few weeks back, where i stated he didnt help around the house, so for the past few weeks he has been cooking dinner.  Ahh one less things for me to do.
my laziness extends to my working out.  i never WANT to go to the gym but i know if i do that i will feel better afterwards, i think the gym helps lift some of the grey-ness away-aka depression. 
yesterday was an awesome day for lazy me.  cause i worked from home, i didnt even change out of my PJs until 4pm (when i put on yoga pants and a t shirt to do a workout at home).  there was really no reason why i couldnt have gone to the Y last night.  but in my defense i did walk it out for 30 minutes.  walk it out is a game for the Wii , its a silly game but i am determined to beat it (unlock all buildings/songs/constellations with steps). 
the reason i worked from home yesterday was that it was snowing in the am and was supposed to continue all day and turn into rain at some point.  i wasnt really worried about my 20 minute commute to work, i was more worried about my commute home.  we had snow on friday and i didnt get home until 5pm, which i left at 3:50pm.  it does not take that long to get home. 
i need to write up a resources blog post-maybe ill give my recommendation on things i like.  such as workout videos (i originally typed tapes).  or maybe ill just do an all around likes page or like oprahs favorites thing.  if i was made of money id do give aways, but i am not.  :(  I will start a list today and write it up tomorrow.
i should set up one goal for tomorrow, get my butt to the gym. even if it is only 30 minutes, that is fine.  Also i want to do another month long EA challenge (i think there is a 2 in there somewhere). 

Monday, January 28, 2013

ditching the scale

i am ditching the scale.  i am only going to weigh in while at the doctors or the first of the month.  last weigh in was January 14th at 213.0 lb.  that was after a huge week long of im eating whatever the heck i felt like and not working out.  I had a endocrinologists appointment on thursday (i will write about that in a second) and with clothes on i weighed 210.8 lb.  so I am doing something right. 
Still counting calories, still working out.  just aiming for a deficit every day.  i get my calorie counts from this website http://www.caloriecontrol.org/healthy-weight-tool-kit/weight-maintenance-calculator-women 
i always put that i am sedentary too, which im really not.  but i use my calorie count from my heart rate monitor and add that to my daily allotment.  then subtract the amount of calories i ate during the day and come up with a total deficit.  i hope for 350 calories or more each day.  the weight loss will be slow. 
it has been so nice not having to weigh in every morning.  i dont beat myself up over nothing.  plus since im only weighin in once a month i am almost guaranteed a loss.
SO, endocrinologist appointment.  i see her thanks to my thyroid being messed up.  i have hashimotos disease, which means my body is attacking my thyroid.  so i see her a few times a year, last time i saw her was 4 months ago.  my insulin level went from 22 down to 16 (it should be under 10).  I was prescribed metformin (this is what happens when you mention that you havent been on birth control for years and haven't gotten pregnant yet-and you have PCOS).  i took the medicine for about 1 month and stopped.  She had thought my numbers went down due to the medicine, but oh well.  I have been experiencing hives on an almost daily basis (whenever i get out of the shower or use water) so we are trying 75 micrograms of levothyroxide instead of 50 micrograms (actually i was taking 75 monday, wednesday and fridays).  ive always been good at the morning medicines but not at the night medicine (the night medicine is metformin-its extended release, i tried this stuff back when i was 21 and it ripped apart my stomach, so after a few months of that i gave up, so far this extended release hasn't done it). 
i like my endocrinologist and i like her nurse practitioner, but it seems like the NP seems to be popping babies out like crazy.  but she did ask me if i have gotten my period yet, ive never been that lucky girl to not have their period with PCOS.  i guess i am 1 of a few hundred people she sees.