Friday, March 29, 2013


today is my mom's b day.  happy b day mom.  she gave us a bit of a scare back in Feb.  but i think she is ok now.  just needs to take some medicine so she doesnt have anymore seisures. 
anyway what i am here for is to update my fitness.
i did great yesterday, my husband even suggested that we get chicken quesadillas from my favorite place (it is called landmark americana-i love their food there).  and i was like nope, i took out chicken to make my own chicken quesadillas.  and then my avocado had gone bad :(  so oh well, i didnt need it anyway (i do love those).  the husband ended up working late and came home with Burger King.  I am so not a fan.  the only thing i like from most fast food places are milkshakes.  and those dont fill me up.  so i pass. 
i had made him chicken and put it in the microwave, but i guess we will eat it in the next few days.
so i went to the gym and did my workout. my stomach was a tad bit upset.  i blame the metformin for this. 
i fogot to turn off the watch when i got in my car.  but i did a great job, especically being that i wasnt feeling THAT great. 
with this metformin crap, my freaking blood test results better come back much lower than they have been or else im going to stop taking it.  id rather not have to know at all times where the bathroom is located (ok in reality i always have to pee, so this is normal. but with the metformin i am having a lot of butt issues).  i am on the extended release and i take one pill at dinner time.  my blood sugars are not in the diabetic level but higher than they should be (the endo gave me the numbers back when i saw her but i forget what they were) and this is her suspision on why im not pregnant.
anyway i leave you with a pic of buttlick castle, that is lilly chillling in there. 
have a happy easter if i dont blog before then!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

needing a plan

yesterday i was on track, except at lunch time i ran out to buy a new bird cage for my newest addition.  his name is Charlie and he is a cockatiel.  he was my aunts, she passed away a few years ago, and my cousin (who owns the house) sold the house and has to be out of there by April 30.  So I offered to take on Charlie.
Charlie the 2nd day (i picked him up after 5pm on sunday), i purchased him the ladder, the toys and the rope perch, he had three perches and they were all at the same level.  so not right.  the cage was way too small for him.

Charlie in his new cage.  it is the same one that my cockatiel has (his name is henry).  i had to scrub it and move everything over.  i thought the worst part would be moving him into the new cage but he knows step up (even my bad bird knows step up) which is where they will stand on your finger. so i just transfered him that way.  i probably spent 200 bucks on this bird since monday. 
so i picked up that cage at lunch time, i grabbed two pretzel dogs from philadelphia pretzel factory (i really doubt they are located in other areas, i live about 40 minutes from philly).  they are 250 cals each.  at least according to the website.  normally my lunch is less than 400 cals.  but i just adjusted the cals for the rest of the day.
after i scrubbed the cage and moved the bird (he says WHIT WOO and a demonic sounding charlie bird-like imagine if you were talking but breathing in. that i what it sounds like). i started my workout.  i did dance central 3.
ok so whenever i use my cell phone to take this pic it starts acting up. i dont know if the kinect and iphone have some type of lets work together feature, but it is annoying.  i cant get any closer or else i start a new game.  by the way i think it says i burned 64 cals in 30 minutes.  yes that is super low, i think i burn more than that just living in 30 minutes.  i was closer to 240 calories burned. so if you have this game dont believe the cals burned part.
here is my watch face.  i also did level one of the 30 day shred (i did not do any cardio on it though).  then i played walk it out until i hit 500 cals.  when i saw that it took an hour and 20 minutes i was like ugh i should have just went to the gym, it would have taken a lot less time.  i guess i could have done a longer playlist on the dance central game (i have an issue of not having enough light to play the game once the sun is starting to go down, we are talking about moving it to an upstairs room that has an overhead light).
while my husband was making dinner i got a phone call from a friend asking me to see a movie.  so we decided to see the incredible burt wonderstone, which there were some funny parts but not worth the movie ticket (i had actually had a free ticket from their rewards program so at least i didnt pay for it).  but i didnt get home until 12:30am (i really am a night owl, which is why you will never hear me wake up earlier than i have to). not that i would have gone to bed any earlier than that normally.  i did not get to read a chapter in the book im reading (harry potter-the last book, number 7? i re-read those books over and over again).
but anyway, the reason i need a plan is i need something to look forward to.  and a schedule to follow. so i think i will start this April 1.  im thinking im going to slightly lower my calorie goal per day to 1400 instead of 1600 (i usually go over it by a bit) -i need to be careful here because i tend to binge if i get overly hungry-which i why WW did not work for me.  and i want to make up an exercise schedule. i think sticking to 500 calories burned is a great idea.  maybe start back up with that Hal whatever his name was walking program?  i think i need more rest days in between, the reason i gave up on that is that my shin muscles were constantly on fire.  If i cant even walk for 15 minutes at 4.0 how the heck am i ever going to run?  I also want to start doing the 30 day shred (at least the weight lifting parts) and get some nice toned arms for summer time.
and if i complete the month long program i get something i really want. maybe a Swedish massage? 
anyway i am open to suggestions (about working out or calorie counting or even my celebration of completing a month long goal)-let me know what you guys think

Monday, March 25, 2013

old pics of myself

so old pics of myself.  these are the ones i have scanned into my computer already.
my pregnant mom in the background (had to be 1981), me in a death trap and my older brother bobby

baby jaime, santa (you knew that one) and my older brother.  1981? maybe i was born in 1980  

sweet fro at the ball pit
toddler jaime

aww look at mini me.  check out my stuffed animals and my sweet shirt (and necklace). i look to be about 4 here.
little jaime

in the 1980's at some point.  i grew up with 3 brothers, see how ungirly i was?  i think im playing with transformers.
on a horse at my mom's friends house, i had to be younger than 7 here.  (my parents split when i was 7 and we lost contact with this family that had the horse farm)
missing tooth

5th grade (1991) doing the ropes course.  someone took this pic of me and the gym teacher and then sent it to me years later.  how weird.
fro (again) probably middleschool ish?
middleschool photo

ignore the grossness on this photo.  but this is me in high school (?) yep that curl is natural.      
this is me with my neices-my guess this is early 2000's.  i look to be at my heaviest here.
2003-pic taken by my cousin before we went out clubbing (which i hate, im not a clubbing type of chick).

cruise 2005, sexy pic ( i straightened my hair here-i dont do it often cause it takes forever)
2005 cruise

2005 at my old roomies bridal shower, i was growing my hair out for my friends wedding (see me in the purple dress below for that wedding pic)
wolverine jaime (glow sticks) at roomie's wedding.  (there is another awesome pic from this night but there are other people in it, and this is a blog about me, not them and i was so drunk this night-i hardly ever drink).  2005

messing around at a friends wedding, this is 2006, i was a bridesmaid 
2007-the same week i started weight watchers-at a company holiday party
2007 after a few months on weight watchers.
2007-those pants are a size 11,  OMG.  new outfit. pic taken

my b day april 7, 2007 i purchased a car!!! (i still have that car)
2007 june-ish.  look i graduated college (took 7 long years part time). look how long my hair is here  this would be the weekend where i gave up on weight watchers and started gaining back 30+ pounds
im recreating the muscle pic with flowers (from my friends wedding where i was a bridesmaid) i think that started out cause those flowers in the wedding were heavy.
2007 shortly after graduation, before
a few hours later at a party
me and my husband summer of 2007.  i think i look so skinny here, (and yes i am all boob, one day i will get a reduction). this is before we were married (we got married in 2010).
december of 2007 at my husbands cousins wedding (it was in NY and we live in PA so we had a hotel room).
2008 company holiday party, my husband and me
2009 september ish, at the rene fair (that i hated it) but the funny part about this photo is that i dont think it is me.  the reason is that i had braces for 1.5 years (at 25) and my teeth look wrong to me.
2009, at a wine tasting event, my step son took this pic.  he would have been 9 at the time.  that is my husband and me
2010, i gained a lot of weight when i got laid off (end of 2009).  this was at my old roomies sons b day party
2010 with my friends newborn baby
this pic wont go where i want it to go.  this is 2002, the first pic taken on my new digital camera!!!! 
on honeymoon 2010
disney world 2012 (making friends with fake animals)
this should be before the disney world pic-my cousin wedding june 2011
this one wont let me post it either, 2010 at my bridal shower
besides what the date says it is actually 10/02/2010 (maybe even the 3rd?) after a long day.  taken at a bar after the wedding
my wedding day oct 2, 2010
i paid a lot of money for that dress, i should show it off