25 things about jaime

not in any order really
1) i never thought that i would get married (married 10/02/10)
2) i do not like any melons (watermelon included), i also do not like blueberries unless they are in muffin form
3) i do not like real bacon, but i like turkey bacon
4) im obsessed with striped shirts/hoodies
5) i get annoyed when people spell jaime wrong, and i really love it when im asked isnt jaime a boys name?  clearly im female.
6) i cannot pass for my age, im 33, and will get carded to buy booze.
7) it took me 7 years to complete my financial management degree-no one pushed me to go to school-and the day i graduated i was so proud of myself, i could have exploded
8) im one of the white sheep of my family.  most of my family are into drugs/booze. meanwhile im into food.  i dont associate with them because it is not the lifestyle that i want.
9) i was raised by my father and i have 3 brothers
10) i cried in the parking lot of the job i had from 1999 until 2009, on the day i got laid off. because i felt like my life ended.
11) i work as an office manager for a super high end pool building company, yet i would never recommend anyone get a pool (too much work), i just had mine removed in the spring of 2013.
12) i really hate flavored waters and teas.  I am great with water, i love the stuff.  i have an obsession with real pepsi or diet pepsi (i will also drink real coke or diet coke) but i think mountain dew, dr pepper and other flavors of soda are wrong (there is a simpsons episode where homer's car is inbetween the twin towers-and he is waiting for the guy to remove the boot and a crab vendor comes buy, so he gives homer some crab on a stick, then homer gets thirsty and asks what he has to drink, the vendor says, mt dew and crab juice, homer says eww give me the crab juice.  this is a common quote from me).
13) i am obsessed with september 11th, i spent at least one day a year crying for those who got killed.  i want to visit the park they built, im within a good drive-able (or taking the train) distance from NYC but i dont want to go (crying makes me super tired).
14) i miss the tv show lost (my cockatiel is named after a lost character, henry was named for henry gale-who turns out to be named ben).
15) i cannot look at recipes while dieting, or else i feel a binge coming on.
16) if i like you, more than likely i add "erbees" onto the end of your name, that is why my blog is called jaimerbees.
17) im the biggest harry potter fan (movies and books) (my boy cat, is named Kreacher after the house elf)
18) i fail at weight loss, all of the time.  i think if i really gave up i would be one of those people that they have to cut out of their house and have 50 firemen move.  lets not let that happen
19) i do not drive in philly or wilmington DE.
20) im nice to the checkout person, cause i was once in their position.  im nice to everyone, cause no one likes a grump
21) i re-read the same books over and over.  ready to be shocked?  Harry Potter (all of them), the hunger games, and twilight.  all come from the youth section.
22) i like staying home, whenever we are on vacation i miss my house and im worried about it (like my house is a living thing?)
23) i live in the house i grew up in.  i took it over after my dad passed away.  sometimes i think people think i still live with my father.
24) i take naps. all of the time (probably 3 times a week) maybe for only 40 minutes maybe longer.
25) i have no creative imagination.  i cannot have a pic in my head of what something is going to look like.  that is why i rock paint by numbers and perler beads.

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