Thursday, April 25, 2013


Upcoming events:
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 24): 15 min walk at the gym
actual workout:: i did the walking at the gym for 30 minutes. then i moved to another machine.  i wanted to use the rower but there was a dude on a bike next to it (They only have 2 rowers) and i didnt feel like sitting so close to someone.  so i did the ellipitcal type machine.  once again i should ask what these things are called. 
(notice peppers foot?  the white thing at the bottom of my pic.  she loves to step on my feet and pretend like she is going to beat it up, that was what she was doing here).

still havent switched out my watch battery.  like i said yesterday im afraid it wont work right afterwards. 
oh so a weird working out side effect: anytime i stretch it is more awesome than it used to be.  its like my muscles are tighter and making the stretch feel awesome.  (like when you stand up from sitting down for a while). 
motivation percentage: 100%   i feel like i can finish this out.  6 days left in april.
i have a bonus pic for you guys: i love my pets.  so here are two of my favorite grey boys
yes two cockatiels in two cages.  henry (my original birdy that i adopted at 6ish months old-2007) is to the left, then Charlie (he will tell you his name is Charlie Bird) is to the right.  charlie was my aunts that passed away a few years ago, my cousin sold her house and was going to put him at the SPCA.  so i said no.  and i took him.  those are both boys, therefore not allowed to be caged together. maybe one day ill give charlie to someone else.  but for now him and henry get to sit on the kitchen table (ok so birds arent supposed to be in the kitchen, but my kitchen is HUGE)  i need to get a table to put charlie on in the livingroom (and put henry back where he belongs). 
ive been brain washing charlie with a learn to whistle CD i have.  henry already knows the songs.  so i put it on repeat while im at work, ive been doing it every other day. 

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  1. I am scared of birds as pets, I was pecked by chickens as a child and the idea is horrible