Tuesday, April 16, 2013

migraine sunday!!! (written on tuesday)

Upcoming events:
April 30: final measurements and weigh in

scheduled workout (april 14): walking on the treadmill for 500 calories
actual workout: NONE.  got struck down with a migraine.  dont worry, i am going to workout on my next scheduled day off (which is today Tuesday) to make up for it.  
i ended up doing the workout from Sunday last night.  i am feeling better.  but not 100%
actual workout April 15, 2013: walking on the treadmill until i hit 500 calories. 

motivation percentage: 80%  over halfway there.  !!! im a bit worried about which level shred i am doing tonight , any time i bend over my head feels like it will explode. 
tonight: workout will be 30 day shred, level 2 or 3? i forget right now. dance central 3 and walk it out. 
special topic: i had that job interview yesterday.  it was one odd meeting.  my scheduled time was 4:30, i got there more like 4:15pm.  i was out the door by 5pm.  The HR guy was out of the office (not a scheduled day off) and i was only able to meet with one guy.  I think at lunch i will send the HR guy an email letting him know that i hope everything is ok and that if he wants me to come in and meet up with him I can do that.  i guess i should know if i got the job by the end of the week. 

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  1. ugh about the migrane! *fingers crossed about the job*