Thursday, April 17, 2014



You might remember me.  Jaime, 34 year old woman who works for a living with a husband and a 14 year old step son.  You know, the one that used to blog about weight loss complete with charts and graphs from Weight Watchers.

In all serious-ness.  I have been Struggling (yes with a capital S)  Probably since Oct.  I gain a few pounds, I lose a few pounds.  This morning I find myself at 189.4 lbs.  But wait, wasn't I around 182.  Yes, yes.  I am not anymore.

So recommitted myself to this journey, this was actually Tuesday when I stopped on the scale and saw 192.2.  Yes I know that isn't real weight.  I have a theory though.  Nyquil must be 700 points per 2 oz serving (OK so I admit I call it a shot of nyquil, I am not a drinker, every time I take the nyquil my ears get warm-I remember those feelings from back when I was in my 20's*). 

So let me catch you up from the last time I wrote.  I remember writing about the 3 day power outage.  That sucked.  We stayed at my in laws house, which is just over an hour away from our house.  They surprisingly didn't get the same snow storm/ice storm that we got.  The roads were clear.  I want to say that was back in February.  The house is fine.  No real damage, one of the floor boards, or side boards, on the stairs came partially away from the wall, but not too bad.  I think my cat, Kreacher, was super angry with me for all of 3 minutes (he is a lover night a fighter).  Unfortunately for the cats, they were not invited to the in laws, so they got to stay in a house that was 34 degrees.  The dog was with us, since she has no belly fur to be found and even wore her puppy coat, that was the day she came to work with me.

I ended up with what my boss referred to as "the flu" in March.  I am not sure if it was the flu but I was pretty sick.  Since I cannot miss work on Fridays due to weekly payroll I came in super cold medicine medicated.  My boss was holding conversations with me and I was just spaced out.  I warned him I was sick. 

Then I had a few weeks where I was fine.  Then I had my birthday!!! The day after my birthday I started feeling run down again.  2nd cold!!!  I am pretty sure I caught the first round of "the flu" from my husband, he was germy but never got as sick as I did.  The 2nd cold from just last week-a complete mystery. Remember that I work with my bossman.  That is who I see often, he is almost never sick.  Yes I probably picked up cold number 2 from being out and about.  

So that catches you up to last week.  I am feeling 99% better.  I think the last 1% is just allergy related. 

I restarted my assessment with my activelink.  For a few months I was hitting the goals like crazy.  Then it just became too hard, which I am sure it was the fact that I lost 25 lbs, so getting to the goal was harder because you have to be more active to reach your old calorie burns.  So I will not be working out this week.  I think the assessment is over Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope to post something on here Friday (my official weigh in day for weight watchers). 

I do want to say how happy I am that the sun is out and it is finally warming up.  This has been one tough winter-I think from Jan until March I missed one day a week thanks to snow.  It does not normally snow this much in southeastern pa.

*I have always been super responsible and mature (old) for my age.  Even when I drank if i was planning on going anywhere I had a designated driver.  Ask my friends about the time they got a ride home from a drunk guy, and how I went off, saying I was home and could have picked them up-that it is better to have a slightly ticked off friend and them safe, than them dying, I should mention we were probably in our early 20's when this happened.