Friday, January 31, 2014

week 34

Last week 186.0
This week: 184.8
loss of 1.2 lb

sweet loss this week. :)  ill take it.  not much to report.  yesterday was a tough eating day, i wanted to throw the towel in and say NO and just end up weighin 400 lbs.  but i ended up playing some Wii U (Pikimen 3, by the way i love that game, i dont think a 33 year old woman is their target market) and the urge for ice cream/sugar/chocolate/bread dipped in olive oil disappeared. 

I am only showing 2 activity points earned this week.  not sure what is going on.  im doing my same workouts, minus the 5K on saturday *but im still walking for 30 minutes, so it should be 4 points vs 2 points, but i showed no points. 

I need to figure this active link thing out better, i mean lets say i walk for 30 minutes and get 0 points but i get 1 point if i walk for 33 minutes, id rather add the 3 minutes and get to eat that lovely point.  plus i know with my weigh loss that it is harder to earn any points.  (to the weight watchers online forums!!)

so anyway, starting tomorrow im doing 30 day shred rotations, I will take measurements and pics (? if my husband will cooperate, he has been getting upset about the massive amount of dietbet pics he needs to take, even though im not anywhere near my target) my goal is to do one 30 day shred workout each day of feb.  this is in addition to my normal workouts (which i have a rotation of those too).

anyway happy super bowl sunday to everyone.  i personally am  going out to dinner with my one buddy (dont worry he is gay and my husband loves him).  we might catch a movie too.  cause i do not care about sports at all (not even the olympics, which my buddy LOVES).  my husband will be at home watching the game.  (funny side story, last year i didnt make plans, so i just up and left and went to see a movie to get away from football, the streets were entirely empty, i was the only one at the theater besides the people that worked there, and i saw silver lining playbook.  LOL so i left football to see a movie that had football in it).

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

weigh in 33

Week 33: weigh in date 1/24/14
Last week 185.6
This week: 186.0
gain of 0.4 lb

This was a weigh in from friday.  i wish i could write that i had NO clue why i gained weight, but i do have a GIANT idea.  maybe its all that snacking/cheating ive been doing.

but anyway last week i made up a workout plan and stuck it to my fridge. it brings me to the end of jan (it is my normal workout routine, just written down, oh i did replace one gym day with a Wii fit day, since im a fan of the Wii fit, i know do it on fridays).  so far i have been doing them.  i gave up on the doing the 5k every saturday, now i just do 30 minutes on the treadmill (a 5K was taking me 52 minutes or so).

i did not hit my target number of activity points.  but im working towards that.  my target is 7 points per week.

i think starting in Feb im going to start rotating around my 30 day shred and do a 30 day challenge (or 28 days, whatever).  id like to retain some muscle.  I would also like to really track how many inches i have lost.

i have a NSV to report.  i saw my one cousin for the first time since july and she was like WHOA look at you, what have you been doing.  i did tell her that ive been kind of stuck since the holidays happened and she was like that is because you are related to me.  LOL.  my cousin at one point (she was pregnant with her 2nd baby) weighed 330 lbs.  she has lost a ton of weight, she is more or less a size or two larger than me now (yes she lost weight, then she got a divorce and found new love, and gained some back.  oh and the way she lost the weight?  restricting her calories like crazy-not a healthy way.  for example she would work out to burn 500 calories, but she wouldnt only every eat 500 calories.  im not saying she did it the right way).

i told her i was doing weight watchers again.

So I hope to keep checking those workouts off of my print out and keep it up.  i know if i stick to my points and workout that i will lose weight.  i just need to trust the process.   

Saturday, January 18, 2014

weigh in 31 and 32

Week 31: weigh in date 1/10/14
last week: 187.8
this week:189.2
gain of 1.4 lb

Week 32: weigh in date 1/17/14
Last week 189.2
This week: 185.6
loss of 3.6

i feel like i should be blogging more often than once every other week.  for week 31 i was on track until wednesday night then i just said nah and ate what i wanted.

for week 32, i opted to actually track my points and attempt to stay on track.  i was still cheating left and right but was able to drop 3.6 lbs. 

i hate to admit that i was cheating, and i need to stop that.  i have better results when im following the WW plan.  also last week i was really lazy, and i opted to not go to the gym all week.  i could blame my husband for part of that but in reality, how hard is it to get to the gym for 30 minutes? 

my goal for activity is to get 7 points this week.  (i was not even close for last week).

im having a slight gym issue. its really nothing.  but there is this guy who comes in with a duffel bag, he plops the bag down and does his working out.  but he does weird working out. and just creeps me out (he kind of looks like he is homeless or hasnt shopped for new clothes since the 1980s).  he has never said anything to me.  but today while i was on the treadmill, he hopped on the one next to me (the entire two rows of treadmills were open, why next to me?) and proceeded to walk backwards on the treadmill.  (this was after wiping down the machine and drinking some water).  so i just did 30 minutes and bolted.  ive also seen this guy walk on the treadmill and jump off and leave the treadmill running at like 2.0 mph.  then jump back on it.  what i dont get is why?  i mean ive seen people doing speed work with running do that, but never so slow.

this kind of reminds me of my old gym, when i was unemployed i would go at 1pm to workout. there was a guy with turrets that would work out with a personal trainer.  so lets say i was wearing a purple shirt, the guy would just start yelling PURPLE!!  you could tell he wasnt just joking around that he had some type of mental issue.  so i just learned to tune him out.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

catching up on weigh ins (29 and 30)

first let me just get this out of the way

Week 29: weigh in date 12/27/13
last week: 182.8
this week:185.0
gain of 2.2 lb

Week 30: weigh in date 1/3/14
Last week 185.0
This week: 187.8
gain of 2.8

so yep, read that and know i suck.  gain of 5 pounds over two weeks.  this is what i call lack of motivation.  it is my fault.  I just do not know moderation when it comes to eating, luckily for me there are very few holidays coming up.  (by the way i have no wanting to ever end the holidays are entire cheat days, no counting.  yes i will always be an inner fat girl, even if im skinny on the outside).

So other than that motivation has been super down low.  I had a doc appointment (endocrinologist) which went very well, but I don't think I wrote about it (dec 30th was the date).  Basically besides a slightly higher than normal cholesterol (but it is lower for me, she thinks it is just genetic and maybe if i get down a few more pounds that it would go even lower the number is 252 for the total).  my blood sugars are rocking, 94 fasting, which last time it was 99 and the time before that it was in the 104-106 range.  while im not a diabetic, my father was a type 1 (diagnosed at the age of 6) and i am diagnosed with hashimoto's disease, which is an autoimmune disorder, and once you have one autoimmune disorder you are more prone to others.  the number she was super impressed with was my insulin number. originally when i first started seeing her back in 2008 i was at 22.0, last time i was 9.9, which puts me at the high end of normal.  she said 5 is the ultimate healthy number and that is what im aiming for. 

all of my other numbers are perfectly within range. even my TSH number (which is the reason why i see her) is good (1.0 is my sweet spot, i was at 1.03 or something). 

i flat out told her that since the last time i saw her (in september) that i have probably felt the best that i have felt in a long time.  that was when she started going back into her computer for my records and telling me how far i have come.  she even told me that im doing great with the weight loss and to keep it up (without my prompting her like last time) i did ask her if she had the confetti ready and was going to do cartwheels.  (i love this doc by the way, she is so cool). 

I did ask her a question about something i read on the internet (i tell her that i ask her these questions because i dont know if everything you read on the internet is true).  anyway im sure others have read articles that state that steady state cardio is putting women into a hypothyroid state.  (ok i had to explain this to a friend of mine, so just running on the treadmill for a certain period of time is steady state cardio).  so my doc was like yes that is correct, but that is more for people who are working out for like 6 hours at a time, like Olympic athletes.  i was like well i dont plan on doing more than an hour at the gym, so im good, and she said correct. 

by the way my doc probably thinks im a bit on the nutty side.  a while ago i read that jillian michaels master your metabolism book, which jillian michaels is hypothyroid (without medicine).  so she (or the doc that wrote the book with her, not sure which one) mentioned staying away from certain veggies, cause they contain hormones in them that can hurt the thyroid-soy is one of these products too.  one of these veggies falls into my fave foods ever, BRUSSELS SPROUTS.  so i asked her if i had to stop eating them.  she did tell me to limit it to 3 times a week but other than that im good.  also im not supposed to seek out soy (if it is in something that i already eat, fine, but dont go buying soy burgers there are other options).

so how many of her patients does she have to limit the amount of brussels sprouts servings?  probably just me.

besides the doc appointment where everything was wonderful, i lost my activelink for a few days.  like couldnt find it anywhere.  i ordered a new one on thursday (the first day back to work) and found it thursday after work (in the washer of all places).  unfortunately i couldnt cancel my order :(  so now i have two of these things.  i figure that ill just hold on to it, at some point i will lose this one (FOREVER) and have a backup.  or if a friend of mine admits to doing WW i might be like hey want this?  i know my friend sarah does WW but i think she does it at meetings, not sure how that works.

so my goal for active link is 7 points per week.  I will start reporting on that soon.  also since because i hit that higher number im back to 29 points per day.  (i really need to shape up when it comes to counting, ive been eyeballing things and taking small bites and not counting.  that is what leads to me not losing weight. 

also my endocrinologist made a comment that the next time id see her id be into the 180s (i think i was just at 190 on her scale, that was after breakfast and i was fully clothed, the ones you see are before my shower in the am and no clothing).  i see her again on june 30.  so i hope to blow that out of the water and be 179 or less (6 months right?)