Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcome Back

Hey guys!

I am pretty sure I lost followers.  I got a bit busy.  To summarize:
June of 2014: Felt sick, took a pregnancy test (we had been trying to get pregnant since we got married in Oct 2010, so I have taken a few in my life time).  The first test was negative, weird.  I walked a 5K in memory of my friend's mother who died in a house fire.  I thought maybe allergies were just kicking my butt.  A few days go by, I am sore from the 5K walk.  This time I went out at lunch time and got a digital pregnancy test, my pee barely hits the test and it flashes PREGNANT.

I called and found a new gyno (mine seems to think that no one should be over weight!  sorry dude, not everyone is meant to weigh 95 lbs like she does).  I was able to get in a few weeks later.  We saw a heart beat on the ultra sound a little over 7 weeks.  Things were great. I was still sick but at least I knew why (I had all day morning sickness).  I was counting down the days until I should have felt relief. 

August 5 2014: I had my first visit with the new OB.  She has a medical student with her (asks for my permission, sure I don't mind).  The wand touches my stomach, she asks for my dates again (due date was Feb 28th) asked how sure I was of those dates. Then sends me off to the hospital (across the street) for a better ultrasound machine, but do not worry.  I end up sending a text to my husband that something is up, he better meet me at the hospital.  He calls me and says he is leaving now, I break down.  He says not to worry.

I am watching the tech with the ultrasound machine check my dates, ask me how sure I am.  She stops talking, she is taking measurements.  She puts her cold hand on mine and says "I'm sorry" the rest is a blur.  I know she said more.  I thanked her for her time and she let my husband and I have some alone time in the dark room.  I cried.  We cried.  The ultrasound tech wanted  a 2nd opinion and was going to ask her supervisor to look over the data, just to be sure.  She sent us back over to my OBs office, where I was ushered into one of those waiting rooms.  I was given options 1) wait it out 2) have a D&E 3) take some type of medicine to help my body recognize the baby had passed (I should mention that the baby made it to 8 weeks 6 days before he/she passed away, I should have been closer to 11 weeks). 

The OB comes in and gives encouraging words.  I let her know that it took 4 years to get pregnant and I don't have time to wait that long, she suggested medicine if I didn't get pregnant by a year. 

I have a D&E that day.  I just remember waking up and crying.  Why was it fair that someone who does everything they are supposed to can't stay pregnant meanwhile drug users get to have 50 kids. 

We were told to wait 3 cycles and then we can get back to trying.

November 2014: BACK ON.  I won't go into detail about this.  I remember feeling a little sick at thanksgiving time.  But I thought it was in my head.  I took a test black Friday, I woke up my husband asking if he saw two lines just like I did.  Yes he did.  I cannot believe I got pregnant the first month we tried.

November 2014- July 2015: Horrible morning sickness (all day), I was high risk due to advanced maternal age (Due to being 35 at time of delivery), I had high levels of amniotic fluid, I had anxiety due to having the previous loss and I had a sweet fibroid that was growing right along side of her.  We found out at 13 weeks pregnant, the baby was a girl (genetic blood testing, checks for sex and a few abnormal things).  She was due August 10, 2015. 

Good news: I gained 27 lbs while pregnant.  The goal was 25 lbs. I consider that a win.

My sweet baby girl was born July 30, 2015 after 22 minutes of pushing (and about 27 hours of labor).  Her name is Lydia Rose.  18" and 7 lbs 5.8 oz. 

Currently she is a 10 month old who is READY TO GO.  She started crawling a few weeks ago and is now working on her way to standing up. 

At the end of April I rejoined Weight Watchers.  I am currently down 13 lbs. 

I was lucky to be able to drop the pregnancy weight within a few weeks of having her.  Unfortunately breast feeding made me super hungry and I gained some back.  I stopped breast feeding at 9 weeks (well I was pumping from 6 weeks on due to a hospital stay for the baby). 

I will come back and write about the newer weight watchers smart points system.  Along with the new stuff I see on the app.