Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the end

Upcoming events:
May 1: final measurements and weigh in and cheat day
May 10: trip to dorney park to see step son's band play
May 11: dedication ceremony (work function)
May 12: mothers day (plans keep changing around, maybe lunch at grandmas?)
Scheduled workout (april 29): 30 day shred level 3, dance central 3 and walk it out
actual workout:: 30 day shred level 3, dance central 3 and walk it out. 

motivation percentage: 100%   just one more workout until the end of aprils challenge.  i changed weigh in day to tomorrow, i mean i was 204.0 this morning. i started the challenge at 211.8.  so tomorrow ill get the number and then take measurements and post them.
 tonights workout. walking the treadmill for 500 calories. 
all day yesterday and this morning im walking around talking about what i want to eat. one minute i want chicken parm, the next minute i want philly nachos from PJ's (honestly i cannot spell the name of the places they come from, it is a constant joke between me and my friends, ill text them with i want to go to carabas, then the reply will be like yeah i love cararrrrraabas.  so it goes on. pj's is pjs welinhans, which my auto correction said wellingtons, and i left it that way, cause that is funny). i also want red robin, and DQ (i have a coupon buy one blizzard get one free-of course the second one would go to my husband).
the husband said whatever i want, he is playing nice, cause he really wants to see iron man 3 at midnight on thursday (technically friday) which i happen to like the iron man movies and im a night owl.  it just sucks friday at work to be so tired all day long. (i have told him to pick up tickets after work, we have invited my gay husband to come along too)
so yeah cheat day will only last one day.  then its back to normal, i still havent written up a calender for next month, here is a pic of my calender for this month (thanks google calenders for the print out)
oh awesome you cannot even read it. :)  like the magnet? I used to work there at the call center (and got yelled at for peoples heaters dying-i quit that job so fast-nice people that work there, just a horrible position to be put in with customers).
i think tonight ill take inventory of my massive exercise DVD collection.  i really like turbo jam and i have a collection of their stuff from years ago.  but i dont know how many calories they burn.  plus i have my gym membership to use.  phase 1.0 was very 30 day shred heavy (along with dance central and walk it out). 
i know i will get nasty notes for saying this, but i dont think i actually ever want to run.  there is just no appeal for me.  i think as long as im able to get my heart rate up there that im good.  maybe one day that will change.
also i have to figure out when my next endo appointment is.  i want to say may 31st but that is a friday and i try not to schedule things on friday (that means missing work) since i do payroll every week. i think they print out my next appointment time at the bottom of my receipt. 
bonus kreacher pic.  he was extreme cuddling me this morning.  when i took my shower he was extreme playing with his big sister pepper.  :)
so hopefully tomorrow's post will have phase 1.2 plan of attack.  i can tell you this much, 1400 calories per day.  the working out will be 500 calories each time, just might very from my current schedule a bit.

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