Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcome Back

Hey guys!

I am pretty sure I lost followers.  I got a bit busy.  To summarize:
June of 2014: Felt sick, took a pregnancy test (we had been trying to get pregnant since we got married in Oct 2010, so I have taken a few in my life time).  The first test was negative, weird.  I walked a 5K in memory of my friend's mother who died in a house fire.  I thought maybe allergies were just kicking my butt.  A few days go by, I am sore from the 5K walk.  This time I went out at lunch time and got a digital pregnancy test, my pee barely hits the test and it flashes PREGNANT.

I called and found a new gyno (mine seems to think that no one should be over weight!  sorry dude, not everyone is meant to weigh 95 lbs like she does).  I was able to get in a few weeks later.  We saw a heart beat on the ultra sound a little over 7 weeks.  Things were great. I was still sick but at least I knew why (I had all day morning sickness).  I was counting down the days until I should have felt relief. 

August 5 2014: I had my first visit with the new OB.  She has a medical student with her (asks for my permission, sure I don't mind).  The wand touches my stomach, she asks for my dates again (due date was Feb 28th) asked how sure I was of those dates. Then sends me off to the hospital (across the street) for a better ultrasound machine, but do not worry.  I end up sending a text to my husband that something is up, he better meet me at the hospital.  He calls me and says he is leaving now, I break down.  He says not to worry.

I am watching the tech with the ultrasound machine check my dates, ask me how sure I am.  She stops talking, she is taking measurements.  She puts her cold hand on mine and says "I'm sorry" the rest is a blur.  I know she said more.  I thanked her for her time and she let my husband and I have some alone time in the dark room.  I cried.  We cried.  The ultrasound tech wanted  a 2nd opinion and was going to ask her supervisor to look over the data, just to be sure.  She sent us back over to my OBs office, where I was ushered into one of those waiting rooms.  I was given options 1) wait it out 2) have a D&E 3) take some type of medicine to help my body recognize the baby had passed (I should mention that the baby made it to 8 weeks 6 days before he/she passed away, I should have been closer to 11 weeks). 

The OB comes in and gives encouraging words.  I let her know that it took 4 years to get pregnant and I don't have time to wait that long, she suggested medicine if I didn't get pregnant by a year. 

I have a D&E that day.  I just remember waking up and crying.  Why was it fair that someone who does everything they are supposed to can't stay pregnant meanwhile drug users get to have 50 kids. 

We were told to wait 3 cycles and then we can get back to trying.

November 2014: BACK ON.  I won't go into detail about this.  I remember feeling a little sick at thanksgiving time.  But I thought it was in my head.  I took a test black Friday, I woke up my husband asking if he saw two lines just like I did.  Yes he did.  I cannot believe I got pregnant the first month we tried.

November 2014- July 2015: Horrible morning sickness (all day), I was high risk due to advanced maternal age (Due to being 35 at time of delivery), I had high levels of amniotic fluid, I had anxiety due to having the previous loss and I had a sweet fibroid that was growing right along side of her.  We found out at 13 weeks pregnant, the baby was a girl (genetic blood testing, checks for sex and a few abnormal things).  She was due August 10, 2015. 

Good news: I gained 27 lbs while pregnant.  The goal was 25 lbs. I consider that a win.

My sweet baby girl was born July 30, 2015 after 22 minutes of pushing (and about 27 hours of labor).  Her name is Lydia Rose.  18" and 7 lbs 5.8 oz. 

Currently she is a 10 month old who is READY TO GO.  She started crawling a few weeks ago and is now working on her way to standing up. 

At the end of April I rejoined Weight Watchers.  I am currently down 13 lbs. 

I was lucky to be able to drop the pregnancy weight within a few weeks of having her.  Unfortunately breast feeding made me super hungry and I gained some back.  I stopped breast feeding at 9 weeks (well I was pumping from 6 weeks on due to a hospital stay for the baby). 

I will come back and write about the newer weight watchers smart points system.  Along with the new stuff I see on the app. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014



You might remember me.  Jaime, 34 year old woman who works for a living with a husband and a 14 year old step son.  You know, the one that used to blog about weight loss complete with charts and graphs from Weight Watchers.

In all serious-ness.  I have been Struggling (yes with a capital S)  Probably since Oct.  I gain a few pounds, I lose a few pounds.  This morning I find myself at 189.4 lbs.  But wait, wasn't I around 182.  Yes, yes.  I am not anymore.

So recommitted myself to this journey, this was actually Tuesday when I stopped on the scale and saw 192.2.  Yes I know that isn't real weight.  I have a theory though.  Nyquil must be 700 points per 2 oz serving (OK so I admit I call it a shot of nyquil, I am not a drinker, every time I take the nyquil my ears get warm-I remember those feelings from back when I was in my 20's*). 

So let me catch you up from the last time I wrote.  I remember writing about the 3 day power outage.  That sucked.  We stayed at my in laws house, which is just over an hour away from our house.  They surprisingly didn't get the same snow storm/ice storm that we got.  The roads were clear.  I want to say that was back in February.  The house is fine.  No real damage, one of the floor boards, or side boards, on the stairs came partially away from the wall, but not too bad.  I think my cat, Kreacher, was super angry with me for all of 3 minutes (he is a lover night a fighter).  Unfortunately for the cats, they were not invited to the in laws, so they got to stay in a house that was 34 degrees.  The dog was with us, since she has no belly fur to be found and even wore her puppy coat, that was the day she came to work with me.

I ended up with what my boss referred to as "the flu" in March.  I am not sure if it was the flu but I was pretty sick.  Since I cannot miss work on Fridays due to weekly payroll I came in super cold medicine medicated.  My boss was holding conversations with me and I was just spaced out.  I warned him I was sick. 

Then I had a few weeks where I was fine.  Then I had my birthday!!! The day after my birthday I started feeling run down again.  2nd cold!!!  I am pretty sure I caught the first round of "the flu" from my husband, he was germy but never got as sick as I did.  The 2nd cold from just last week-a complete mystery. Remember that I work with my bossman.  That is who I see often, he is almost never sick.  Yes I probably picked up cold number 2 from being out and about.  

So that catches you up to last week.  I am feeling 99% better.  I think the last 1% is just allergy related. 

I restarted my assessment with my activelink.  For a few months I was hitting the goals like crazy.  Then it just became too hard, which I am sure it was the fact that I lost 25 lbs, so getting to the goal was harder because you have to be more active to reach your old calorie burns.  So I will not be working out this week.  I think the assessment is over Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope to post something on here Friday (my official weigh in day for weight watchers). 

I do want to say how happy I am that the sun is out and it is finally warming up.  This has been one tough winter-I think from Jan until March I missed one day a week thanks to snow.  It does not normally snow this much in southeastern pa.

*I have always been super responsible and mature (old) for my age.  Even when I drank if i was planning on going anywhere I had a designated driver.  Ask my friends about the time they got a ride home from a drunk guy, and how I went off, saying I was home and could have picked them up-that it is better to have a slightly ticked off friend and them safe, than them dying, I should mention we were probably in our early 20's when this happened.

Monday, February 17, 2014

week 36 weigh in and Monday goals

Two  weeks ago: 184.8
This week: 185.8
gain of 1 lb

this is from friday.  I need to start using this blog more.  I tend to put it on the back burner when i have a not so good weigh in (i actually think i might have been down from last week, but i cant go back in time and weigh myself). 

so anyway i want to start a list of goals, and check them out every monday and add new ones or adjust (or keep the same).

so im going to start simple, 2 goals

1) count points, stay within range, this might be a bit tricky this week since I took friday off since it was a holiday (i take holidays off from counting points cause really, it gets tedious after a while). currently i get 28 daily points. i eat all of my points (including activity)

2) workout 5 days this week.  i need to rewrite that schedule, but it shouldn't be undoable, ok so friday is the start of my week and i didnt work out on friday (once again due to the holiday).  So far i worked out Saturday and Sunday.  3 more days to go.  I want to utimately aim for 7 points a week on my active link report.  as of yesterday i was at 2. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

no weigh in this week

ok so I have no access to a scale and no control over what I eat (ok well portion sizes are in my control). why you ask?

PECO is my electric company.  I live in chester county (south eastern pa somewhat near philly) and we had a bunch of snow two weeks ago (13 inches).  then another 3 or so inches just this week.  so then we were expecting more snow followed by ice on Wednesday.  so I go to bed saying, thankfully we haven't lost power.

famous last words.  I woke up at 4am cause im seeing flashes of lights.  it is dark in the house (but it should be at 4am) and the puppy is upset.  a giant tree branch fell and landed on the power lines and the shed two houses over.  we have been without power since 4am Wednesday.

I have a house with everything electric, no fireplace, no woodburning stove, nothing to heat it if the electric is out.  I also have well water (which is super common where I live, but not everywhere) so no power = no water once we lose prime (suction).

so it got cold in the house. wait. it is still cold in the house.  plus the original numbers for chester county reported by peco was something like they service 217,000 homes, and 183,000 of them were without power.  seriously? 

so you say, but Jaime you have a ton of pets, where are they?  Puppy has been traveling with me, we went to work yesterday (also no power, but located in Delaware county) they had generators going along with this scary propane heater (they also gave me a slightly less scary propane heater but still scary).  the birds went to my cousin's house, she happened to be one of the lucky few with power,I took a shower at her house on Wednesday.  apparently the birds are entertaining the kids and my cousins.  my other cousin (her sister) lives a street over from the cousin with power and is without power, so they have been living with the cousin with power.  (im sure the cousin without power still has to go to work, since she works for the hospital). 

so that leaves 3 poor kitties at home.  :( they will be fine, its been slightly warmer outside lately.  we left a lot of laundry in baskets for them to sleep in (ok so I never got around to folding it, but cats love clean laundry)

I have my neighbors watching the house for me, my husband checks on the cats when he goes to work and feeds them. 

so they are predicting our power will be back on by sunday at 11pm.  nuts. 

so im trying to not freak out about this.  there is nothing I can do.  I took today off work so I didn't have to make the journey back to PA (we are staying with the in laws).  I was at the house yesterday running the scary heater (my niece for Christmas a few years ago gave me a carbon monoxide detector-normally I have nothing in my house that causes that, but I hooked that baby up and was like thanks for that gift!!!)  and went to my friends house that is one street over (also no power but she has public water, so she filled up 3 buckets of water for me to flush my toilets).

so my in laws have been feeding us.  which is super nice of them, but they make giant meals.  how are they not 400 lbs?  so I haven't been tracking, I haven't been weighing myself either or even getting to the gym.  so lets hope im not doing too much damage.

so yesterday I finally got my laptop hooked up and plugged in my activelink, I had 3 points.  LOL that is how much running around I did.  nuts. 

currently im at my in laws house, with the puppy (I have an upstairs puppy and a downstairs puppy, cause both puppies are BAD dogs and try to bite each other).  kira is the downstairs puppy.  she even went to work with me yesterday.  :) 

so prepping for the cold for a few days, we unplugged all electronics (we are thinking power surges).  we also drained the rest of the water out of the taps (hoping that the pipes wont freeze burst).  today my husband went and shut off circuit breakers that are doubled up (I think those are oven, well, dryer, ac)

anyone else have any ideas on how to winterize my home?  please send positive vibes/pray for us to get power back soon and for the electric crews to be safe. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

week 34

Last week 186.0
This week: 184.8
loss of 1.2 lb

sweet loss this week. :)  ill take it.  not much to report.  yesterday was a tough eating day, i wanted to throw the towel in and say NO and just end up weighin 400 lbs.  but i ended up playing some Wii U (Pikimen 3, by the way i love that game, i dont think a 33 year old woman is their target market) and the urge for ice cream/sugar/chocolate/bread dipped in olive oil disappeared. 

I am only showing 2 activity points earned this week.  not sure what is going on.  im doing my same workouts, minus the 5K on saturday *but im still walking for 30 minutes, so it should be 4 points vs 2 points, but i showed no points. 

I need to figure this active link thing out better, i mean lets say i walk for 30 minutes and get 0 points but i get 1 point if i walk for 33 minutes, id rather add the 3 minutes and get to eat that lovely point.  plus i know with my weigh loss that it is harder to earn any points.  (to the weight watchers online forums!!)

so anyway, starting tomorrow im doing 30 day shred rotations, I will take measurements and pics (? if my husband will cooperate, he has been getting upset about the massive amount of dietbet pics he needs to take, even though im not anywhere near my target) my goal is to do one 30 day shred workout each day of feb.  this is in addition to my normal workouts (which i have a rotation of those too).

anyway happy super bowl sunday to everyone.  i personally am  going out to dinner with my one buddy (dont worry he is gay and my husband loves him).  we might catch a movie too.  cause i do not care about sports at all (not even the olympics, which my buddy LOVES).  my husband will be at home watching the game.  (funny side story, last year i didnt make plans, so i just up and left and went to see a movie to get away from football, the streets were entirely empty, i was the only one at the theater besides the people that worked there, and i saw silver lining playbook.  LOL so i left football to see a movie that had football in it).

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

weigh in 33

Week 33: weigh in date 1/24/14
Last week 185.6
This week: 186.0
gain of 0.4 lb

This was a weigh in from friday.  i wish i could write that i had NO clue why i gained weight, but i do have a GIANT idea.  maybe its all that snacking/cheating ive been doing.

but anyway last week i made up a workout plan and stuck it to my fridge. it brings me to the end of jan (it is my normal workout routine, just written down, oh i did replace one gym day with a Wii fit day, since im a fan of the Wii fit, i know do it on fridays).  so far i have been doing them.  i gave up on the doing the 5k every saturday, now i just do 30 minutes on the treadmill (a 5K was taking me 52 minutes or so).

i did not hit my target number of activity points.  but im working towards that.  my target is 7 points per week.

i think starting in Feb im going to start rotating around my 30 day shred and do a 30 day challenge (or 28 days, whatever).  id like to retain some muscle.  I would also like to really track how many inches i have lost.

i have a NSV to report.  i saw my one cousin for the first time since july and she was like WHOA look at you, what have you been doing.  i did tell her that ive been kind of stuck since the holidays happened and she was like that is because you are related to me.  LOL.  my cousin at one point (she was pregnant with her 2nd baby) weighed 330 lbs.  she has lost a ton of weight, she is more or less a size or two larger than me now (yes she lost weight, then she got a divorce and found new love, and gained some back.  oh and the way she lost the weight?  restricting her calories like crazy-not a healthy way.  for example she would work out to burn 500 calories, but she wouldnt only every eat 500 calories.  im not saying she did it the right way).

i told her i was doing weight watchers again.

So I hope to keep checking those workouts off of my print out and keep it up.  i know if i stick to my points and workout that i will lose weight.  i just need to trust the process.   

Saturday, January 18, 2014

weigh in 31 and 32

Week 31: weigh in date 1/10/14
last week: 187.8
this week:189.2
gain of 1.4 lb

Week 32: weigh in date 1/17/14
Last week 189.2
This week: 185.6
loss of 3.6

i feel like i should be blogging more often than once every other week.  for week 31 i was on track until wednesday night then i just said nah and ate what i wanted.

for week 32, i opted to actually track my points and attempt to stay on track.  i was still cheating left and right but was able to drop 3.6 lbs. 

i hate to admit that i was cheating, and i need to stop that.  i have better results when im following the WW plan.  also last week i was really lazy, and i opted to not go to the gym all week.  i could blame my husband for part of that but in reality, how hard is it to get to the gym for 30 minutes? 

my goal for activity is to get 7 points this week.  (i was not even close for last week).

im having a slight gym issue. its really nothing.  but there is this guy who comes in with a duffel bag, he plops the bag down and does his working out.  but he does weird working out. and just creeps me out (he kind of looks like he is homeless or hasnt shopped for new clothes since the 1980s).  he has never said anything to me.  but today while i was on the treadmill, he hopped on the one next to me (the entire two rows of treadmills were open, why next to me?) and proceeded to walk backwards on the treadmill.  (this was after wiping down the machine and drinking some water).  so i just did 30 minutes and bolted.  ive also seen this guy walk on the treadmill and jump off and leave the treadmill running at like 2.0 mph.  then jump back on it.  what i dont get is why?  i mean ive seen people doing speed work with running do that, but never so slow.

this kind of reminds me of my old gym, when i was unemployed i would go at 1pm to workout. there was a guy with turrets that would work out with a personal trainer.  so lets say i was wearing a purple shirt, the guy would just start yelling PURPLE!!  you could tell he wasnt just joking around that he had some type of mental issue.  so i just learned to tune him out.