Wednesday, May 29, 2013

wednesday (feels like tuesday)

Upcoming events:
May 31 9am: endocrinologist appointment
June 1: weigh in and measurement (start of new phase)

scheduled workout (May 28): gym
actual workout: gym: 30 minutes on treadmill, 1000 meters on rowing machine and the rest on elliptical machine

total workout time since May 1: 1294 minutes and 15 seconds.
total calories burned 9508 
motivation: 60% im almost at the end of the month but i know my binge from sunday has set me back.  im just trying to be good until Saturdays weigh in.  (dieting is hard, if it was easy id be at my goal weight already).
today is the death anniversary of my dad.  he has been gone for 8 years now.  there are a few good points about him not being around, 1) he is no longer in pain (he had major back and neck issues, enough that he was considered disabled) and 2) he doesnt have to worry about money anymore (or the price of gas).  there are about 500 bad points, but im trying to focus on the positives here.
im pretty sure tonight is a 30 day shred night. 

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