Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Upcoming events:
May 10: trip to dorney park (an amusement park) to see step son's marching band play
May 11: dedication ceremony (work function)
May 11: girls night/game night (this will be a food challenge, cause there are always yummy foods around and i cannot say no)
May 12: mothers day (plans are now a buffet lunch near grandmas with my inlaws)
May 31 9am: endocrinologist appointment

Scheduled (May 6): off
actual: none

no heart rate monitor pic to show, cause i didnt work out.  i actually over ate by at least 300 calories yesterday. but you know what, sometimes that happens.  get over it already.

i believe tonight is a 30 day shred level 3, dance central 3 and walk it out kind of night.  which means, my favorite type of workout, the type where you dont wear shoes!!!  ok so maybe once in a while my feet hurt while doing level 1 of the shred anyway. 

motivation percent: 25% very low today, feeling a bit cranky/crampy.  i do not plan on failing.  :) 

other random stuff that i post:
total workout time since May 1: 192 minutes and 43 seconds.
total calories burned: 1,502
didnt have to change it from last time

so the reason im here to write today is about my schedule.  i work monday through friday 8 am until 4pm.  but my days are made up of me waiting to eat my next meal (yeah ive been like this since i first started watching what i ate back in my 20's. nothing new. im actually shocked that my all time high weight was only 219.5ish). 
so this is my schedule at work
8am: clock in, talk to bossman about what he needs me to do
8:15am: heat up breakfast sandwhich (jimmy deans delights). heat up coffee if i have it (sometimes i drink milk, lately ive been spending a fortune on frappucinos), eat breakfast do some work
10am: time for a banana
Noon: time to eat lunch, ive been trying to make this a left over from the night before.  it varies depending on what we ate.  my back up lunch is usually a lean pocket (spinage and something or other, in a preztel crust). 
2pm: snack time!!! this week it is strawberries (i like them to be room temperature so they sit out on my desk all day long, bonus they smell wonderful). 
sometimes there is a 3pm snack break in there too.  i have trail mix in my desk, or this week i have purchased something new to try.  yeah ill review that in a second.
4pm: go home!!! 
(once i am home i allow myself to have 2 reeces peanut cups.  why 2? cause one wasn't cutting it and i felt like 3 was too many.  they are 44 calories each, so its only 88 cals for both and it keeps me somewhat happy until dinner time-which is more like 6:30pm)

so yeah i want to type about my unsatifying snack i got.  i took a pic of it.  no one sent me this, no one asked me for a review, but its a new product and id rather not have any other calorie counters out there go hungry cause they purchased them. 

just in case you cant see what they are, they are special k brownie bites.  they are small. and that was all that were in the package for 100 calories. i felt like i needed to eat 3 bags of them just to satisfy my chocolate craving (i did not, they are in my desk and will be eaten, cause well i paid for them-but ever purchased again). 
the brownies besides there being almost none in there, were tastey but id say id rather eat one of those pastry crisps from special k over these.  at least that is somewhat satisfying (and i believe only 90 calories). 
ive had "diet" brownies before (vita tops anyone?) that were good and tastey and satisfying (although a little expensive). 
so not worth whatever i paid for them (i want to say on sale for 2.99).  i think there were 5 or 6 packages in the box. 

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