Thursday, May 2, 2013

May challenge phase 1.2

Upcoming events:
May 10: trip to dorney park (an amusement park) to see step son's marching band play
May 11: dedication ceremony (work function)
May 12: mothers day (plans are now a buffet lunch near grandmas with my inlaws)
May 31 9am: endocrinologist appointment

since im calling this phase 1.2, im going to stick to the same schedule.  i wrote it up last night really quick before work.  i gave myself off yesterday and today (we are going to see iron man 3 at 9pm, since when is a midnight release at 9pm?)
this is what was written in april

So i started this April challenge yesterday, i have to workout according to the calender on my fridge and burn 500 calories each time.  my calorie goal is around 1400 a day (normally im around 1700). 
my workouts include either going to my gym or a bunch of videos and gaming systems.  last night workout was 30 day shred level 1, followed by dance central 3 (happened to be the 70's playlist), then walk it out until i reach 500 calories.

so obviously it morphed a bit.  May challenge.  1400 calories is a good number, 500 calories per workout is good too.  instead of writing down what to do at the gym i just wrote gym.  sometimes i just dont want to walk on the treadmill.  the days at home are still going to consist of the 30 day shred and i do it every other day and i move between levels.  dance central 3 is still going to be dance central 3 (technically i have all dance central games imported into dance central 3, so i have a lot of songs to choose from) and walk it out is a game that i got for my balance board years ago, its a silly game where you collect steps (as points) then click on items that have different values to unlock what the entire island looks like.  some of the songs are so silly. 
my husband makes fun of me for using all 3 gaming systems in a workout.  i use the playstation to play the DVD of 30 day shred, then the xbox for dance central 3 and the wii for the walk it out game (those of course are all of the current versions of a gaming system, my husband and step son are huge gamers-i always get the systems confused) the only non updated one is the Wii, we dont have the Wiii U cause apparently there are almost no games for it.  i heard it is flopping anyway? 
i like gaming, to a point.  it doesnt RUN my entire life. 

anyway no workout to report. yesterday was a cheat day ,but today is back to normal.

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