Thursday, May 9, 2013


Upcoming events:
May 10: trip to dorney park (an amusement park) to see step son's marching band play (tickets purchased)
May 11: dedication ceremony (work function)
May 11: girls night/game night (this will be a food challenge, cause there are always yummy foods around and i cannot say no)
May 12: mothers day (plans are now a buffet lunch near grandmas with my inlaws)
May 31 9am: endocrinologist appointment

Scheduled (May 8): gym
actual: 30 minutes on the treadmill, follwed by another 20ish minutes on the arc machine (i dont know what it is really some type of ellipitcal/gazelle thing).

motivation percent: 75%
total workout time since May 1: 332 minutes and 0 seconds.
total calories burned: 2503

tonights workout: 30 day shred level 1?  i think.  followed by dance central 3 and walk it out.
so yesterday i get home from work just in time for large rain drops to be hitting the new grass in my backyard (i was out there with the puppy waiting for her to sniff every inch of the backyard to find the place that calls for her to pooh or pee on it) and we heard thunder rumblings, i was telling the puppy (her name is kira) that we'd better get inside that pepper (my black and white cat, which is kira's baby or so she thinks) is making it thunder AGAIN.  any time it thunders kira barks at pepper.  I am not sure why she thinks that the cat is doing it, but whatever.  so we rush inside for it to start pouring down,  it even hailed for a good 10 minutes
look at this pic for proof
it was like 60 some degrees outside yesterday. that is hail. not snow.  i picked up handful of it from the front yard and put it on the kitchen floor for kira to inspect (she decided it was not food).  the hail was freaking out my little grey cat (kreacher).  he was poofed for the longest time.  poor little guy.
my brother stopped by to grab some more pool equipment from me (no pool means i dont need it anymore-by the way that is my filter on the back porch, its going away, its just the size of a child.  their big truck is in the shop, or at least i think today they are picking it up).  anyway he asked me why i put soap on the lawn, cause that is what the hail looked like.   im like NO it was hailing here.  then when he went to the backyard he saw what i pictured above and was like when did this happen?  (at 4:30 by the way). 
anyway i hate it when my brother says he is coming over. he called me at 4:30 to ask me if he could have the pool equipment, which i said sure. so he was on his way.  he didnt show up until 6pm.  seriously dude?  he lives maybe 15 minutes away.  it was a good thing he came over, cause i paid him for cutting the lawn this upcoming weekend (since i won't be home).  i told him id leave the garage door opener out for him, he is going to cut the lawn sunday.  which my husband and i will be at his grandmas celebrating mothers day-and little known fact, my brother doesnt talk to my mother (family drama, but my mom left when i was 8 and my little bro was 3, so he doesnt really know her). 
in other news: i asked to leave early today, like half a day.  my boss is ok with it as long as i can at least try to get the mail and deposit any checks that comes in, which since it is so close to the beginning of the month i doubt we would get money for pool service.  I am off work tomorrow for dorney park (did i mention that the competetion starts at 8am and it is over an hour away? looks like a 6:45am leaving time).  my husband keeps trying to tell me ill get a breakfast sandwhich and a coffee drink out of it but i think i like my breakfast sandwhiches more than the ones at wawa (i eat jimmy deans delights the bagel with egg whites and turkey sausage).  wawa sells some type of healthy one but, eh.  not to mention an entire box of jimmy deans is 4.69 and one breakfast sandwhich is 3.00 or so at wawa. 

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