Thursday, May 16, 2013


Upcoming events:
May 31 9am: endocrinologist appointment
June 1: weigh in and measurement (start of new phase)

Scheduled (May 15): 30 day shred level 1, dance central 3 and walk it out.
actual: 30 day shred level 1, dance central 3 and walk it out.

sideways view of my watch (i tried to rotate it.  i guess im not allowed to?)

motivation percent: 80%
total workout time since May 1: 669 minutes and 18 seconds.
total calories burned: 5005
tonights workout: off i think
today is my little bros b day, he is 28.  isnt it once you are past 27 you are good ?  i think that is a celebrity curse though.  my brother works for a paving company.  he was born in 1985 and born super early, early enough that he almost died (i think there is some hole in a babies heart that closes up shortly before birth? well he didnt have time to do that).  he was an emergency C section too.  he has no side effects from being born early or with a hole in his heart.  no open heart surgery or anything. 
i was also born a month early.  my mom was watching my cousin (who is 3 years older than me) and she ran after her and tripped and my mom went into labor.  funny thing is that my cousin's b day is april 8 and mine is april 7.  :)  other than being born a bit hairier than normal i am completely ok too.  i believe my other two brothers were born on schedule. 
other news: im trying to get us annual passes to this water park that is about an hour away (it is both indoor and outdoor which is why it is annual).  it is somewhat near my in laws house too.  i was thinking with how excited my step son was for dorney park that we should do this stuff more often.  an annual pass is 99 bucks (and good for one entire year) and that is per person.  if you go 3 times you have already used it well.  there is another amusment park called cleminton park that is only 55 for a season pass, but only open in the summer months (memorial day to labor day? i think that is how they run around here). 
we are lucky with my step son, he is a very well behaved kid, he doesnt ask for much.  how many 13 year olds do you know that dont really ask for anything or take into consideration an adults point of view (like if i ask if he wants pizza for dinner, he will ask if i would also like pizza-which im off pizza right now). 

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