Saturday, August 31, 2013

progress reports

so i still never got the ones i sent to my hotmail.  i know they are experiencing some issues.  which by the way there is no more hotmail as of a few months ago, it redirects you to some other site, but i still use my old hotmail account, it was my first account i signed up for that wasn't aol.  i probably had had it since the early 2000's.
so i sent this to my gmail account, and at work i was not able to look at it.  but at home it works just fine.  I would say they are blocking things at work, but i really dont think they do.  i am the only office person. 
so here are my progress reports, they are from last week (weigh in day friday).

i think im rocking this weight watchers thing.  :) 
i really love the active link.  if you want to see that one please look at my last entry.  oh and the reason why it is so low this week (only 4) is because my gym is closed.  i never thought id be so annoyed having them not being open. 
i have other things to do, like my kinect, which i need to do that workout before the sun goes down, cause my livingroom is a dark cave.  it just doesnt see me.  maybe a few more lights would be better.
so i signed up for that dietbet 10, it is a beta test.  i did win 39.12 in my last diet bet game (so really 14 dollars and 12 cents since i put in 25 to begin with).  dietbet 10 is to lose 10% of your body weigh in 6 months, there are milestones you have to hit.  i think month number 1 it is 3%.  the game starts on tuesday and we have yet to weigh in, im waiting for them to give me the secret word.  if you paid for the entire game up front (25 per month and then you need to purchase weigh in tokens that were 25 bucks) you got 1 month free.  so i went ahead and paid that.  the total with my credits on my account was 88 dollars and some odd cents.
so lets just say that 191 is my weigh that i weigh in at, that means my goal would be to lose 19.1 pounds, which would put me at 171.9 pounds.  and my lowest adult weight was 174ish, which happened the same week my dad died, hey guess what when i get stressed i dont eat and i have butt issues. so that was 2005. 
pretty much anything less than 185 is kind of new territory for me.  but im going to do this one day at a time.  and not freak out about weight loss. 
today i spent well over an hour mowing my lawn.  remember how i pay my brother to do it? yeah he is fired (he doesnt know it and he hasnt offered to come over and do it).  i feel like i got a great workout from it.  i was dripping wet with sweat, but i think it is due to the humidity. 
by the way i cannot believe how fast this summer went by.  my step son goes back i think on wednesday (he is starting 8th grade). 

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