Thursday, September 5, 2013

job offer

remember that *thing* i would talk about that is stressing me out and i couldnt talk about it on a public forum?  yeah it was a job interview, actually it was 2 phone interviews and two in person interviews.  i applied to work as a payroll tax specialist (funny side note here: we had a payroll company come in to try to get our company to sign up and i actually said "im not payroll specialist" this was a day after the offer came through).  i applied for a full time position.  i said OK to working 7:30 til 4:30 and then OT when needed (quarter endings and end of the year filings).  the only reason i even looked for another job is my lack of benefits at my current job.
so the phone call comes through on Tuesday morning, it is the hiring bossman.  they want me.  but they dont have space and someone else already got the job i applied for.  would i be willing to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30 until 9:30pm to get my foot in the door.
oh and the quote of how much they make yearly is off by like .82 an hour in their favor (guess what? i went to college and know how to do math).  oh and since im part time no benefits.
i need to tell them before the end of the working day friday.  i tried to call twice today and it just rings and rings and rings.
oh they dont know how long id be part time for, that they promise to move me to full time.  yeah dude, ive worked for big companies before, promises mean nothing there.  at least in my current position i could go to the owner and be like YOU SAID !!!.
i did ask the hiring bossman if he would be ok with me not taking the position and then just keeping my name on a list and when jobs come up to give me a call.  he said that was alright.  so that is what im going to do.
i barely have energy for one job, let alone too (i told him i was concerned that im going to be jeopardizing job 1 for job 2).
so today i mentioned it to current bossman. (which is why im able to write about it). i did learn he is happy with me. but we got interrupted by other bossman (also known as his brother).
i was going to ask for a kickback.  or a plan on how to get more money. he did tell me that i could work more hours if i wanted to.  which he has told me before.
bossman is supposed to be back shortly. then i will try to talk to him about me wanting to purchase my own benefits (i just want to put some money into my IRA account-which apparently when i was laid off at my last job i rolled my 401k into an IRA).
the money offer is about 4 bucks less an hour than I currently make.  my money situation isnt horrible, but its not what i made at my job in 2009.  im still 7 bucks shy of that amount.  and i had full benefits.
im not sure purchasing Short term disability insurance is really worth it.  i remember my friend did that when her and her husband were trying for a baby (and she had one) but the amount she got back was less than she contributed to the fund, after the fact she was like "i could have just put the money in an account myself" so yeah.
weigh in day tomorrow, as for this morning i was the same as i was last week on weigh in day. so lets hope that me making this decision unstresses my body out and it lets go of some weight.
by the way i got my 2nd weight loss compliment yesterday. i went and got my hair cut and colored and my friend who does it was like whoa, where did this go (as she points to my belly area).  LOL.  i really only see her to get my hair cut (i tried to get that friendship to work, but she is a crazy workout nut that spends her extra time biking, running or swimming). i  did get to hear her awesome ironman experience (she did it in july).

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