Thursday, August 22, 2013

hormones stink

im full of hormones right now, welcome to the life of a somewhat healthy 33 year old woman.  im breaking out like im 16 again all along my chin.  thanks hormones, you are a jerk.
i am wanting to disown the rest of my family that is left (that i havent already cut ties with).  but that is not a conversation for a public blog.  all i could say is that i wish my family was like every other family out there, where people do things for each other without putting their hand out for money (this has nothing to do with my husband or my step son, it is my extended family).  i still have a few good seeds in my family, the ones that will drop everything they are doing to help you out when you live in PA but are in florida on vacation (that was the time my cousin stepped in to help me) she never asked for a dime. yes she did get some payback when i have babysat her kids (this was when i was unemployeed), i will still watch her babies any time she wants me to, they are lovely children (probably shouldnt be calling them babies anymore).
but not everyone is like her.  everyone else has their hands out looking for some kick back.  last time i checked when i got laid off and got a new job i took a 20K a year paycut.
i know my hormones are in full force, cause stupid things are bothering me. such as my husband made a sock pile next to the couch.  this was covered up by a throw blanket the pups had stolen from the couch.  so when i lifted the blanket up i was so angry that he is piling socks right there.  he was not home when i discovered this. why cant he put these in front of the washer (seriously within throwing distance of his seat).  i also found an empty 20 oz bottle of pepsi under this throw blanket (which im sure fell off when the doggie took the blanket) and a lot of bottle caps.  who the heck does he think i am? his maid?  the best part is that he was off yesterday for an early docs appointment (for his boot that he has been wearing).
i did tell him the night before that he needed to do a load of dishes before i got home from work, so when i walked in the dishwasher was running.  he probably knew i meant business.
but i tell him im just angry in general, that he should just leave me alone (it will pass) and then he starts in on the "oh it is a special time of the month for jaime?" and im like do you really want to have a fight with jaime plus hormones backing me?  that jaime will win that.
i dont want to be mean.  but i cant help it.
wah wah whoa is me right?
hey tomorrow is weigh in day.  hopefully i see a loss.  (im only feeling angry this month, not snacky)

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