Sunday, August 18, 2013

active link updates

hey guys, im having a great food weekend (and workout).  i thought i should update this active link challenge
can you see how well im doing?  im actually above my goal at the end of the 12 weeks. not sure why there is so much blank space right there.
it keeps asking me to adjust my goals.  but at the same time in enjoying only working out for 30 mins at a shot (once a fat lazy girl-always a fat lazy girl at heart). 
anyway i figure ill share this one too
so if you can actually read that it says that 6 points a day is the highest physical activity.  whoa could you imagine 6 points per day?  im in the first bracket of 0 points per day.  there is a click box that says to compare me with others who have the activelink, im not the least active. 
anyway i wonder how much exercise is needed to hit 6 points per day. 
i am currently in a 17 day streak of hitting my daily goal.  i hit it today too but it wont count that until tomorrow.  lets try to stick this out for August.
tomorrow is the end of my one diet bet.  im pretty sure i hit goal if not below it.
i hope everyone's weekend is going well.  today just flew by for me.  i had my brother and cousin replace a faucet in my kitchen and they were having issues with the bolt, so that took a while to get off (along with a loud drill).  but at least my new faucet doesnt have the sprinkler option (aka broken) that my old one had.  

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