Friday, August 9, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #8

Last week: 194.4 lb
this week: 193.8 lb
loss of 0.6

and i got another monthly summary (i thought i only got them monthly but i guess maybe ill get them all of the time).  this one kind of makes me sad though.
ive only lost 3.6 pounds in a month?  pfft.  but looky at my activity points. that is going up. (did you know that with WW you are only supposed to lose 0.5-2.0 lbs a month? so im right on target)
ok.  so check this one out.  i took a screen shot.  those are my weeks for the active link.  see the grey line? that is my goal per day.  see how im over it every week? and how it is slightly adjusting upwards? so i guess im doing well with that.  some days i find myself crying cause i dont WANT to workout.  but that is completely normal for me.
heck the other day i craved a workout cause i felt so umm, what is the word, angry? frustrated, probably frustrated with work.    and i just wanted to go and push myself until i felt a bit better.  lets hope we get more days of WANTING to workout vs pushing myself (fake it until you make it right?)
I have some NSV to report but first my breakdown of points
still have 30 points per day (not looking forward to when that drops), plus i eat all activity points and all weekly points.
Friday: 58
Saturday: 36
Sunday: 42
Monday: 32
Tuesday: 34
Wednesday: 30
Thursday: 32
total 264/ average 37.7
so NSV.  just for those couponers out there (yes i love saving money) i went to staples for work purposes and spent 33 bucks and got a $10 off $30 at kohls (i asked my bossman if i could have it, since it was indeed work's coupon) and he was like sure (he isnt a coupon lover like me).  so last night i opted to go and look around at kohls.  they are having some great back to school deals.  i dont go to school anymore (thankfully, i hated every minute of college, probably cause i worked full time and went to school on top of that).  they have their levi jeans on sale buy one get one half off, at least that was the sign over the ones i tried on.  i like levi 515 (i think i means boot cut and low rise but not too low) i tried on a pair of size 10 (short) jeans, not only did they zipper but they were wearable in public (im also on the tall end of short and the short in levi's fit me perfectly, i also think levi jeans are made for chicks without butts, like me).  i did not purchase them because for a split second back in 2007 i was a size 10.  so i have size 10 pants already, almost new.
i did purchase two long sleeve shirts, i know wrong season but i loved the way they looked.  those are both size large.  i also purchased two work shirts for my husband.  he hates shopping and i hate how ratty he is looking in his work shirts lately.  he actually wore the one that i wasnt sure if he would like today.
anyway this week should be a breeze when it comes to WW besides my friend who is having a BBQ at her house (i told her i would bring a box of turkey burgers and she was like cool).  that is saturday.  nothing really up coming.

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