Wednesday, August 7, 2013

OT work

This is what Kreacher thinks of my OT.
sorry the pic is dark.  he forced himself to lay in between my legs when i was leaning over to look at something on my husbands computer (kickstarter? some dice bag he wanted to purchase-aka nerd stuff).
i should let you know that kreacher and I spend about 45 mins after i get home from work cuddling (before my husband gets home).  i didnt leave work until 5:45 (my normal time is 4).
i also upset mr kreach when i had to get up to go to the gym.
his happiness is connected to how much human contact he gets all day long.  he loves us all equally (ok i should let you know he gets a little trot in his steps when he hears my step sons voice).
OT work shouldnt exist in my current job situation, its more like lack of planning.  whatever, if they want to pay me time and a half for doing my normal job, that is fine with me.
and im proud of myself for hitting the gym.
did i mention my husband got me a kindle fire HD?  i only allowed him to get it for me cause it was on sale ($159) i thought they were more like 300 bucks. i got a cute case for it too.  


  1. Oh wow great price on the Kindle Fire!
    Good for you for hitting up the gym!