Friday, August 30, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #11

Last week: 193.0 lb
this week: 191.0 lb
loss: 2.0
(im at 8.43% loss)

my email seems to not want to work.  what i do is send myself an email of my progress reports, then save them to my jump drive (is that what they are called now?) and then i upload them to here.  that is how you guys get my lovely progress reports.  but i have now sent myself the emails twice and nothing.  normally it puts itself into my junk folder, but today nope.

but anyway. im happy with 2 lbs loss.  this week was hard too since the gym is closed for their yearly cleaning (beautification?).  i think they pretty much clean the floors with a steamer and redo the hardwood floors in the studios.
ive still managed to hit 100% on my activelink goal.  oh here is a chart (since i dont need to email it)
the grey line is my goal per day.  so im above it.  looks like i just finished week 7.  im assuming that every 12 weeks ill get a new goal (keep ramping it up).  im not sure ill have to do an assessment again, cause that was kind of just odd (no counting activity points to eat and i like food).
points break down for the week:
29 daily points (yes i cry over that one lost point) and all weeklies and all activity eaten
Friday: 61
Saturday: 41
Sunday: 29
Monday: 31
Tuesday: 31
Wednesday: 30
Thursday: 33
total 256 or 36.57 average.
weight watchers did not tell me to slow down my weight loss, it actually said to keep up what im doing. unlike last week when it was like SLOW IT DOWN.  :)
so i may be doing something crazy.  it is a dietbet that goes for 6 months instead of 4 weeks.  here is the breakdown of that
so it is to lose 10% over 6 months, and i guess there are phases.  it is a bit pricey (25 bucks per month and if you pay up front you get one month free) they also require weigh in tokens, which looks like you get 25 of them for 20 bucks (if you are keeping track it is $145 if you pay up front).  you are only required to weigh in at the start and end of each month and at the final weigh in.  but those others ones are good towards prizes. so id probably just match it up to my weigh in with weight watchers (friday mornings).  currently 10% of my weight would put me at 171.9 lbs.  which lets face it ive never been THAT small.  oh the game starts up on tuesday.  this is the beta test too.  so plenty of kinks to work out. my only concern is what if i get pregnant?  but seriously ive put enough on hold for that, so im just going to jump in and do it.  plus i have credits on my account from winning other games, so those get deducted first, one of my games just closed yesterday, and i won that one too.
i think if i join the dietbet 10 im going to stop doing other games on the side.  so i need to let the current ones i am running finish out, the concentrate on the 10% goal.
oh guess what?  still no email from WW.  i sent one to my gmail account and got an X.  so i guess no progress reports, maybe ill check back after lunch and post them.  i did well though.  :)

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