Monday, August 5, 2013

is this worth the points?

this time around I am not attending weight watchers meetings, but i have in the past (for this time i felt unwelcomed by the other members of the group, can someone explain this to me?  first i know i look very young (i am 33 but look about early 20's) but i felt judged-so i opted for online.   i mean i love the leader of the class i attended, so its not WW themselves that i have an issue with).
but in the past they had you question things are they worth the points value before you eat something.
let me tell you, that question pops into my head all of the time.
so yesterday we were at my in laws house for my father in laws b day (it is today actually). we were having a BBQ, with cheese burgers, hot dogs, potato skins (made in the oven) and chips.  so im trying to be super aware of what i am eating. they do not know that im doing weight watchers.
so i ate a cheese burger, i looked at the package (and snuck a bar scan of the package when i put my dishes in the sink but that was after i had already eaten it) and got the serving size from there.  my father in law is always watching his sugar intake (he is in his 60s) so usually they will have some type of fruit sitting out, it was watermelon.  im a fruit lover but i think water melon tastes like metal.  so i cant eat it.  last time we were there they had strawberries and cantaloupe, which i ate the strawberries.
so im being careful with what im eating.  ice cream gets pulled out.  i end up with probably 0.5 cup of ice cream.  they kept trying to throw apple pie on my plate but i kept defending it.  im not a huge pie lover (ok so i make it sound like i hate everything, but i do love food).
i start inputting the food into my app while everyone was eating their pie, that was when i snuck away to get a scan of the barcode from the potato skins.  6 F-ing points.
i was so sad.  i showed my husband and made a sad face.  he doesnt get it (he does not diet).  in my mind it plays out that 2 more points and i could have had an ice cream sundae from DQ with caramel sauce (8 points for the small).
anyway i just took this screen shot (two of them cause i ate so much food you cant see it all in one screen).
see how much i ate yesterday? i didnt even remember the corn on the cob part.  i dont know if the 7 points for the burger is right.  oh and see my 3 point dinner?  i ate that at 8pm and i wasnt even hungry.  i just didnt want to wake up this morning super hungry.  29 point lunch by the way.  i only get 30 points per day.
i have to be careful for the rest of this week, i only have 3 weekly points remaining.  that isnt a lot when you have 4 days left until they reset.  i guess i better be earning some more activity points.  2 of those points are from yesterday and one is from friday night (walking around the fair earned me one point)
i did hit the gym last night after we got home.
i should also write about the fair, i went there friday night with my friends.  i ate a sweet sausage and pepper sandwich (oh so good and 12 points, but worth every one of those points).  they have a stand where they fry items.  every year it is something different (well every year they have chicken nuggets and fries).  last year it was fried brownies, which i tried and i wasnt impressed with.  this year it was fried mac and cheese, bananas foster and oreos (separate items).  so my friends order mac and cheese (2 orders), banana foster, and fried mint oreos.  im offered a bite of each but decline cause i seriously just ate my sandwich.  i would have tried the oreos if they werent mint (not a fan of mint in food form, toothpaste or gum fine).  I also got donuts (fried in lard!!) for my husband and didnt eat one.  instead i focused my energy on kicking butt at bingo.  i did sneak a piece of cotton candy though.
im always trying to regroup and unfocus on food.  even though im always thinking about food.
and just for fun.  i got these from sam's club (free weekend)
my jimmy deans delights!! 6 points each and worth every one of them.  i eat one for breakfast every day.  they have different kinds (like on a bagel or with Canadian bacon), ive never pointed those out before. so i cant tell you what they are.

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  1. Yum! I love those Jimmy Dean sandwiches. My local grocery store came up with their own kind. I love the canadian bacon, egg, and cheese english muffin ones. I got some that was my grocery store brand and they're just as good! But they're still like $2.50 for two of them. Ugh. So expensive!!!

    Oh and I LOVE fried macaroni and cheese! Om nom nom! :)