Friday, August 16, 2013

weight watchers weigh in number #9

Last week: 193.8lb
this week: 193.8 lb
loss: 0

point break down
30 daily points, 49 weekly and all activity points eaten (7 earned this week, highest amount yet)
Friday: 67
Saturday: 33
Sunday: 31
Monday: 35
Tuesday: 30
Wednesday: 37
Thursday: 33
total 266 average 38 per day

so yeah it stinks that i didnt lose anything this week (i am excited that i did not gain anything). but at the same point i think i know why.  ovulation day was yesterday and i was holding on to a bit more weight than usual (not to mention being stressed out about some life stuff).  so im going to keep up what i have been doing and hope the scale reflects this soon enough.
i am happy to report that i earned 7 activity points this week.  my highest yet.  at the end of my 12 week active link challenge im supposed to be at 1 point per day.  so im there, but in reality im not hitting 1 point per day, its more like 2 or 3 here and there.  my job is sitting at my desk all day long, so sometimes that just makes it hard to hit those goals.  I am thinking about adding an after lunch time walk, that might help me out a bit.
as of yesterday i had hit my baseline goal for every day (except for yesterday) but i ended up going over to my friends house to chat around 9pm and i was at 91% for the day.  I am not sure i made it, and i only plug my active link in at home. that might be a close one.
the close of my dietbet is coming up soon (i am currently in 3) which means i cant go crazy and eat too many points today or else i might not make it.  im already at 100% and i think im actually down 1 pound from my goal.  i think weigh out day is tuesday or wednesday.  then i think i have one ending every week for three weeks straight.  i might join another, but we will see.  the other two games im not at goal weight for either of them.  but i have time.
here is a short list of my goals (and games)
TAJ (the anti jared): ends August 19-20, goal weight 194.7
Sandy's: ends August 28-29, goal weight 191.6
Janette's: ends September 5-6, goal weight 189.7
once i complete them ill post before and after pics along with how much i won.  the TAJ one is a huge pot.  but who is to say how many people will win.  and i need to start picking away at the weight loss to hit game number 2 and 3 goals.  i seem to do awesome the week after ovulation, so lets hope that keeps up.

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