Friday, August 2, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #7

Last week: 195.4 lb
this week: 194.4 lb
loss of 1.0

overall a good week. i did exceed my points target by 1.  but i blame hormones for that, i really wanted the mini tootsie rolls, so i opted for 1/2 a serving (2 points instead of 4).  it also turns out that if i earn an activity point on a thursday night it gets dropped into the current weeks not pushed to friday like i thought it would be.
i have also back tracked on the clicking of those buttons (for the healthy checks).  i am really good at actually doing them, its just remembering to go back and click.  as far as i know i cannot do them on my iphone (anyone know if i am just not in the right menu?).  i pretty much have access to an actual computer every day all day long, so really it is me just not doing it.

my point break down for the week
30 points per day, all activity points and all weekly points used (plus 1 extra this week)
Friday: 31
saturday: 33
sunday: 55
monday: 40
tuesday: 36
wednesday: 35
thursday: 34
total: 264
average per day 37.7

normally i have my big points day on friday, but i was sick last friday (some type of stomach bug) and i was finishing out a dietbet (weigh in was sunday). i posted pics from that a day or two ago.  by the way i won that dietbet and my extra earnings was 1.67.  LOL.  it was a tiny tiny diet bet (4 people).  for now on i only take part in large games ( i have two games running right now).

since i now just finished my second month i have a monthly progress report:
i think this time the activity points earned is correct.  last month it was like you have earned 4 zillion points.  yeah that wasnt true.  10 sounds right on target.
as for my activelink.  i didnt hit my goal wednesday night. i was at 99%.  I did attempt to do a level 2 of the 30 day shred and as i was doing some of the workout my head was pounding.  so i stopped it halfway through and just played walk it out for 20 minutes.  i think the rest of the days im right on target.  at the end of my 12 week challenge im supposed to be earning 1 point per day.  that shows you how much i actually move at work (i sit at a desk almost all day).

so overall my standings are this:
starting weight: 208.6
current weight: 194.4
difference: 14.2 lbs
percentage: 6.8%

i havent had anyone notice a weight loss difference (heck i cannot even tell myself other than my size 12 pants are super loose). i remember at the WW meetings they would say 10% people start noticing, and you start noticing health benefits at 10%.  im sure in september when i get my blood drawn for my endocrinologist we will see a difference.

have you guys ever seen any of those weight loss tv shows? like biggest loser or extreme weight loss. and you always see the person breaking down in front of the camera about how hard it is.  that was me yesterday.

anyway my period started last night, so i should start to feel somewhat normal soon.  i was walking around yesterday with a scowl on my face (i was actually doing an impression of my cat kreacher as he is pooping, he just gets this horrible face on and no i wont take a pic of him while he is doing his business)

my weekend plans got shifted.  we were supposed to go to an indoor water park with the in laws, but my sister in law has to work (she does education at the camden aquarium so she is needed when the groups are coming in), so my father in law post poned, but he still wants to have a BBQ.  This is to celebrate father in laws b day.  we are doing this on sunday since my step son lives in philly and philly is actually closer to NJ than it is to west chester, so we just end up meeting step sons mother on the philly side (funny thing is that we meet at a strip club called cheerleaders, that was until i told them it was a strip club, now we meet at the burger king next to it) and then head home.

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