Thursday, August 15, 2013

real life stuff

so surprisingly my life isnt always revolving around weight loss (but it is a big chunk of it).  there are other things going on too.  I cant really write about what is up (not pregnant-not yet anyway) just yet.  hopefully it will be made a known fact in a few weeks.  If you read another site that i am on (and it is working) you already know.  that one i can at least click friends only and not have to worry about someone stumbling upon my weight loss blog.
so im a bit stressed out.  im trying to take it one second at a time, when i think about it my heart starts racing.
so let me think what else is up.  today would have been my dad's 62 b day.  happy b day dad.  im not sure they celebrate those up in heaven.  he died when he was 53.  i dont really get too upset about things he is missing now, i want to remember the good and forget the bad/hard times.
we lost power tuesday for just about 12 hours.  that was fun.  this was at my house.  so i went to work without showering (i did brush my teeth) i have well water so once you lose the prime (suction for those that dont know what prime is) you lose water.  i went to work and soaked up their electricity.  then came home to tree guys and peco guys walking behind my house (they walk on either side of my house cause i have a fence that cuts you off) turns out the lady who lives behind me tree feel into the wire. so a total of 6 houses had an outage.  LOL.  my neighbor Mr M. is a super nice friendly guy, he is friends with everyone.  he was outside when i went out to see what was up (after work) he showed me, my other neighbor A (he is about 10 years older than me, the other guy is my dads age)  was outside smoking and came over to chat.  good thing my neighbors are nice guys.  they think the lady who lives behind us is crazy.  LOL.  i have had an experience with her cat napping (my cat lilly).  also A mentioned her moving the fence line up onto his property. i had noticed this a while back and thought maybe my dad had put the fence in the wrong area. but both neighbors were like yeah she is take our land.  we butt up against her backyard (mr m into her front yard).  so A was saying he had his tree surgeon out to look at the trees near the power lines and they suggested just chopping a few down, apparently when they started crazy neighbor lady came running up DON'T CUT DOWN MY TREES. then yelled at the guy when he went to retrieve a branch that fell into her yard.
so after i spoke to Mr M and A i went inside and the power was back.  YAY.  oh the truck they used to go up the pole (cherry picker?) left divits in the A's yard, so the guy apologized and offered to send someone out to fix it, and A said-doenst matter man, i drive my tracter and work trucks back here.  haha.  im glad i have such cool neighbors.
anyway tomorrow is weigh in day. im expecting it to not be pretty (im on point but between ovulation and being generally stressed out i dont see it falling too much. lets hope for no gain).

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