Friday, August 23, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #10

Last week: 193.8 lb
this week: 193.0 lb
loss: 0.8

sorry for all of the stats
here are my weekly break downs in points, my goal is 30 per day, plus all 49 weekly points, and all activity points (in this case 6).
Friday: 51
Saturday: 37
Sunday: 35
Monday: 47
Tuesday: 31
Wednesday: 34
Thursday: 30
total 265 and average per day 37.86
so i got three confusing pieces of info from my online weight watchers account.  i weighed in this morning (through my phone) and it told me congrats you lose 0.8 lbs. then it said please note that im losing weight too fast to slow it down (that i should average 4 pounds per month) and my new daily points target is 29. and the final one was that im down 5% of my body weight.
ok so lets break that down. yes i lost 0.8 lbs this week.  YAY.
the im losing weight too fast thing baffles me.  cause look at my monthly loss im at -2.4 lbs.  and from what i understand weekly weigh ins should be between half a pound to 2 lbs per week, which monthly would equal somewhere between 2 lbs to 8 pounds per month (im going with 4 weeks in a month).
then it tells me to slow down but yet takes a point away from me?  wouldnt you add another point?
and im at 5% loss, i think it is still using my original weigh in from 2008.  i mean let me calculate this: im a little under 7.5 % loss.
the funniest thing ever is that i originally started WW just so that at my next endo appointment (some time in september) i would be under that 200 lb mark.  i kind of blew that out of the water by 7 pounds.
sometimes i start to worry about goal weights, especially when i laugh at what WW thinks it should be (it defaulted to 135 for some reason).  ive had this convo with my endo before and she told me to concentrate less on the number and more on the blood test results.  as i cannot really control my thyroid levels (i take my medicine as prescribed), i am in control of my blood sugar levels, and my cholesterol levels.
my lowest adult weight was 174 lbs, i stand at a giant 5'5" (actually a little less than that).
i also think my boobs shrank a bit.  which im happy about (nothing like looking at a pic of you and your friends and being like whoa i am ALL boobs).  my one bra (it was my fav) i wore it yesterday and i just was very uncomfortable in it.  i think it allowed too much boob moving.  i have a new fav, wearing it today.  the other one might have just needed to be replaced.  i do have one of those expensive spanx bras (bra-alluhla or something along those lines) but i only like to wear that one when i need cleavage for miles and my boobs to be sitting up super high.  by the way i told my husband if i dont get pregnant by the time im 35, that im going for a reduction.  id like to be a nice B cup.
i purchased a new scale last night, after my old one decided to tell me i weighed in at 202.0 lbs.  i was like yeah what?  i dont think it would be possible for me to gain that much weight in the course of a day.  i did try to switch out the battery but it seems that the old scale is not going to work anymore.  this might cause a potential issue with dietbets, but whatever.
oh i did win that dietbet from earlier this week. over 47 bucks.  YAY. not bad.
have a nice weekend everyone, im off monday and tuesday. :) Tuesday i have an appointment at 1:30 and a dentist appointment at 6.  maybe one day i can write about the other appointment (nothing bad).

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