Tuesday, July 2, 2013

summer forever!!!

i dont know if i mentioned it on here but im loving fruit right now, most of it is PERFECT.  peaches tastes awesome, cherries tastes awesome. 
i wish fruit was ripe all year round, ive been staying away from apples right now, cause i know in a few months it will be apple time.  at some point ill be like EWW an apple.
so i wish summer would last forever. :)  well probably not. 

i dont have any big upsets or successes to talk about. im still chugging along.  still eating all of my points and doing my accessment fo my activelink. 

it looks like it is back to mowing my own yard again.  i guess my brother and i are fighting.  pretty much he is begging me to feed him (but when i called he was eating pancakes and eggs? last time i checked that isnt starving), and he wants me to wait until he is good and ready to mow my lawn.  meanwhile he is pissing me off cause he keeps saying he will come and doesnt show up, or only does half of it.  he actually hung up on me when i pointed this out.  i sent him a text stating that i  was helping him out by paying him to mow the lawn, but i can mow my own lawn (its not hard).  it takes about 40 minutes if you do the weedwacking too (i hate weedwacking).  i guess i can count lawn mowing as exercise.  :)  i did tell my husband that he has to do it every other time (he does not like to mow the lawn due to allergies-but i have the same ones.  take a claritin and then shower and change after you are done). 

i am back to drama free living. :)

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