Thursday, July 18, 2013

non scale victory (NSV)

im happy to report that i found a size 10 pair of shorts in my dresser a few weeks ago (tags still on them proving i have never worn them-this was when i was doing a great clothes purge mostly of my husbands) and i tried them on this morning and they FIT and they are acceptable to wear in public (two different things-lets remember that). 
not sure how the weigh in will go tomorrow, im up a bit from last weeks weight (198.6).  maybe i hurt myself with the weighin having my cheat weekly point day on tuesday, eh whatever, im in it for the long haul.  plus im not 100% sure that my scale is really that accurate. 
my goal is a downward trend. :)  and hey i wear a size 10 pair of shorts.  im doing a dance over here.
today is going to be a good day (and i dont care what the scale says, im on plan).
*i should mention that dietbet paid out $18.18 for my first game.  the buy in was 10 bucks.  pretty good considering that i was going to lose the weight anyway.  as for last night i could not log in for some odd reason, i got the total from my email. 

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