Tuesday, July 9, 2013


If you have fond memories of back when you were a kid and you were super skinny and hated eating, im a bit jealous of you.  i was a chubby kid (looking back i wasnt THAT chubby but i wasnt a toothpick like the other kids).
that being said i need to remember why i want to lose weight.  there is a short story of me hanging out at my aunt's house (this is the aunt that has the two girls-so my female cousins, i try not to use names cause well, i dont want anyone to be upset i was talking about them without their permission, my aunt has passed away back in 2005, but I shall just call her Aunt)  being that i was staying overnight they had to feed me (shocker!!) i was probably around the age of 11 or so.  we got hoagies (can you tell im from near philly? i think everywhere else would call them subs, but no they are hoagies here) so i was eating my dinner and looking at my roll and i asked my aunt what the little balls were on my roll (i now know that it is corn starch so the roll doesn't stick to the pan), my aunt said (she had finished her hoagie i had barely gotten half way through the first half, oh i failed to mention my aunt weighed well over 400 lbs).  she told me i was weird to stop staring at my food and eat it, she never looks at her food that closely.
maybe that was the reason why she had gotten so big?
the year my aunts younger daughter got married, my aunt (her mother) dropped down to 150 lbs.  i believe that my cousin got married in 1999.  want to know how she lost weight?  she stopped eating and stopped taking her loony meds (she was bipolar).  by the time she passed away in 2005 she was back up to her highest weight (400 ish pounds it is hard to weigh someone that size) and they had to buy an extra wide casket for her, along with dig an extra big hole in the cemetery. At the funeral they tapped guys from our family on the shoulder to help move the casket and their faces turned beat red.  one more embarrassing moment for my aunt.
I had to pay $150 to someone to help hoist my dad (after he passed away) into the  oven to be cremated (i guess they dont call that the oven)
i dont want to die and have to pay extra for anything, i dont want my family to be embarrassed in addition to being sad.  by the way i want to donate my body to science anyway.  go on vacation and have fun, i wont need the money when im gone.

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  1. That is a huge weight fluctuation, 400 to 150 to 400. My reason for wanting to lose weight is that I don't want my son to be embarrassed by me. I remember the kids with the fat parents always got made fun of or they would get teased that their parent was so big..I just don't want that. I also want to be active and do fun stuff with him.