Friday, July 19, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #5

Last week: 197.4 lb
this week: 198.6 lb
gain of 1.6 lb
so yeah.  i was on track all week and gained!!
there are a few theories on this why i gained (i feel silly listing these by the way but oh well)
1) Celebration tuesday night, included me eating 44 points, which friday i ate 45 points (this friday eating extra points is a normal thing for me) so two days of doing that isnt the best idea.  and all within in my points range, which i  will post below
2) not exactly following the healthy guidelines, i really need to research them and work on it (maybe i will post this weekend on what they are and how i plan on doing them, its things like drinking your water, taking vitamins, eating so many fruits and veggies and getting in milk products along with healthy fats-that might actually be all of them)
3) i hate throwing this on here but lets remember that is is supposed to be harder for me to lose weight being that i have two medical issues, one is hashimoto's disease (hypothyroid) i take meds for it every morning, so besides my hair falling out and getting the occasional hives i dont really have that many issues with it.  then there is also my PCOS. im supposed to take metformin for that but i dont like the side effects (not sure if its normal to have to go running to the bathroom all of the time).  my fasting sugars are a tad bit elevated, im actually supposed to be low carbing it, but it makes me miserable, plus the only reason im supposed to be low carbing it is to help with my trying to conceive (miserable sex is not fun).  which leads me to excuse number 4
4) i felt like crap last night and im pretty sure i ovulated, i was getting crampy for no reason and just downright miserable.  who knows when the last time this happened. 
5) there is always the potential that im pregnant.  im not stopping the trying during the weight loss.  im 33, not getting any younger. 
hmm, i wonder why it doesnt log my workout time.  hey look i got 3 points!!!  i believe i was over 100% the entire week on my ramping up goal.  yesterday might have been close.  like i said i was feeling like crap, even had to do the baby making dance, i was like just do like 5 mins (to my husband). LOL the joys of being married.  :)  but i dont wear my activelink during that, cause um where i put it? 

my points break down

Friday: 45
Saturday: 35
Sunday: 39
Monday: 32
Tuesday: 44
Wednesday: 33
Thursday: 34
total: 262
average per day 37.4

i am going to be celebrating my niece's b days (they are sisters and 2 years apart) the older one turned 14 on July 12 and the younger one turns 12 on July 25 (or 27), i forget which day (she shares the same name with my best friend so that is why i remember how close they are) we are going out to Red robin (the older niece has some medical concerns along with weird allergies-i think it is just part of her issues-she has cerebral palsy) i know they can eat at red robin.  we are going out to dinner tomorrow with them. 

i post in a few days what i have learned about healthy guidelines. 
have a great weekend everyone!!!

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