Sunday, July 28, 2013


Im really thinking of linking my blog to my dietbet.  maybe i could get a few more readers? 
anyway today was the end of dietbet 2.  i submitted my weigh in and it was verified (meaning i won).  there were only 4 people in the dietbet, looks like 3 of us made it.  i have known everyone from this dietbet for years (online only).  so i wanted everyone to win.  :)
im also in another dietbet (i will call dietbet three). dietbet three has over 900 players in it
so i wanted to post this:  my first dietbet, i started it a few days after i started weight watchers. june 18th according to dietbets website
and today
you can see that i have lost 12.8 pounds (in the second pic i have a little desk lamp making it brighter). my husband wanted me to point out my lack of pinky toe (my toe nail is super tiny, whenever i get a pedicure the ladies laugh at it). 
and you are required to submit full body shots

so i wanted to say thank you dietbet and thank you weight watchers for helping me lose weight.  overall im down a little over 6% of my body weight.  
after i weighed in my husband and i went out to lunch.  i ate 55 points (for the entire day).  my burger was awesome (it was my go to burger with goat cheese and avocado).  i also had an ice cream sundae from dairy queen (small with caramel sauce: 8 points).  remember that i eat all of my points.
anyway if you are a new reader leave me a link to your blog (if you have one). 


  1. I got to you from the Diet Bet, Im doing it too, I wasn't as brave as you to put my pics and starting weight on my blog, I "think" I will after its over "iffin" I actually win it. anyways, good luck

    I have a linky party I just started it you want to get in on it.


  2. wow I can really see a difference

  3. I got a new scale over the weekend and I think my old one was really bad because my weight is 10 lbs heavier than my DietBet weight from yesterday morning!!! I couldn't test the old scale with weights cause it wouldn't pick up anything less than 10 lbs. I put my hand weights (2 lbs each) on the scale and it read correct. Crap. My old scale wasn't calibrated right... I'm glad I used the same scale to weigh in for DietBet cause I would have lost if I used my new scale.

    And congrats! You're looking awesome. :)