Sunday, July 21, 2013

weight watchers healthy guidelines

thanks weight watchers online for letting me download this.  haha.  but these are those healthy guidelines. 
as for how i am doing on them without actually tracking them, lets go line by line

Fruits and veggies: 5 servings a day.  1 cup for lettuce half cup for everything else.
on a typical work day, i believe i eat 1) banana 2) serving of either raspberries or strawberries, 3) peach or cherries.  so three just in fruit (i limit myself 3 fruits a day, i figure its a lot more than i used to eat by 2 servings).  i also eat a small salad with lunch, i call it two cups of lettuce, so im at 5 right there.  i usually eat another serving of veggies with dinner. so im at 6.  maybe i need to exchange one of my fruits with a veggie? 

choose whole grains whenever possible:  i recently switched to whole grain brown rice (instead of white rice-honestly i think it tastes the same), maybe i should look for a sub when it comes to eating the rolls with my turkey burgers.  i just eat what my husband eats (he eats a sandwich at work every day and uses a potato roll, i doubt they are whole grain).  i dont really eat bread, i havent had any actual bread in the house for a few weeks now.  i will check out the bread isle when i go food shopping tonight. 

Milk products: 2 servings per day.  ive been horrible with this one.  maybe my greek yogurt weight watchers ice cream bars count?  if so then im at one serving per day.  i do use a little bit of milk with my coffee every day (2 oz) but that isnt an entire cup of milk.  I do like milk.  maybe i should drink a glass with dinner at night time.

healthy oil: 2 teaspoons.  i know i dont get them every day but i do get them a few times per week.  if you count my dressing for my salad im even closer. 

Lean protein: i think im good here.  i eat a lot of chicken or pork. 

limit sugar and alcohol: i eat one reeses peanut butter cup a day (lets face it im not dead).  but i cant even tell you the last time i had a drink. ive never been a big drinker.

water: 6-8 glasses per day.  i drink one bottle of water (16.9 oz) so that is two servings, that is just while at work.  if i remember right you can count non caffeinated beverages as half of your water in take.  i drink crystal light at night time. 

mulivitamin: i kind of think vitamins are a sham.  but i do eat two of the gummie ones while at work (the bottle hangs out at work) they are adult strength.  normal vitamins make me feel sick to my stomach (i heard its the riboflavin in them).  so the gummies dont make me feel that way. 

so for the rest of the weekday im going to attempt to work on these.  ill make every effort to click on the little buttons so i get happy faces.  :) 

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