Friday, July 5, 2013

weight watchers weight in #3

Last week: 199.6 lb
this week: 199.6 lb
loss of 0

so yeah.  i was on track all week and i lost nothing. 
there are a few theories on this why i lost nothing,
1) period is due soon (i got bloated enough that i took a pregnancy test and it was negative)  period is actually due tomorrow and im so uncomfortable in my own skin right now.
2) too many outings this week (we did our normal friday night out, my in laws for a BBQ on saturday and my cousins for a BBQ yesterday, normally my week consists of friday night out).
3) not tracking enough.  ive been back tracking on tracking my food, which i know leads to me forgetting things like cheese on my cheese burger.

anyway im not too worried about my weight right now.  im going to continue on the way i have been and hoping that this is just a blimp on the weight loss road.  if next week i dont see a loss, i will come up with something new.

plus WW is telling me that im averaging 3 lbs a week. which is one pound too many.  so maybe this week my body is like yeah, lets not do that.  

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  1. you prob took the preg test too soon, when I was preggo with V it didn't show up positive until almost 5 days after I missed my period.

    Yay for staying in one-derland, I say that is a great feat by itself!