Thursday, July 11, 2013


i did level 1 of the 30 day shred yesterday, this is the first time in about what two months? maybe more like 6 weeks.  anyway my shoulders are so sore (good sore not an injury).  i spent the rest of the night with shakey arms.  thanks jillian michaels.
im wearing my activelink, i hooked it up after my workout and i think the thing glitched out on me.  all of a sudden i went from having 0 activity points to 23.  i was like what?  i put it back on and went to make dinner.  my husband comes home an im like i think my activelink is being a jerk, it says 23 activity points (which you guys know i will eat mine-that is the goal).  so i was thinking ill just call that a glitch and eat normally.
i replugged it back in and went through the activelink site (instead of directly to weight and it went back to zero points.  so im not sure what happened there.  i told my husband cancel the food party, i dont have 23 points to eat.
so as of right after dinner i still didnt have any activity points,  i might have earned one (i will plug it in after work today).  i would think 30 day shred level 1 for a 199ish lb woman would count as something.
anyway tomorrow is weigh in day.  im secretly hoping for 2 lbs loss, but i will be happy with anything over a half a pound (did you know that WW is designed to help you lose 0.5 to 2.0 lbs a week anything beyond that is too much per week-of course i think the first 3 weeks dont really count towards that).
lately ive been obsessed with goat cheese (ok so i figured out that i dont like it on its own, its got a bit of a bite to it).  this of course started last year with me ordering this awesome burger from a place called pj's (it is so awesome i have a pic of it on my phone).
there one of them is.  it is called something like a california turkey burger, it is a turkey burger (which i dont like the mix at this place so i opted for a real burger, and i normally like turkey burgers) with goat cheese and avocado on it, there is supposed to be sun dried tomatoes but im not a big tomato fan-unless it is in salsa.
so when i went food shopping the other day i picked up a tiny package of goat cheese, there were flavors, but i opted for the original, the flavors were honey or garlic and herb.
i made my own turkey burger with 1/4 avocado and 1 oz of goat cheese.  it rocked. im going to have that tonight for dinner.  I should start taking pics of my food that i make myself, cause it is never pretty but always tastes good. (my husbands claims i cook with spite-but ive been cooking since i was 12 and really dont like to do it but i like to eat).
and just for fun. this was taken the same day as the burger pic
NACHOS well they are cheese steak nachos.  they are oh so good.  my husband, my step son and i barely ate half of them.  
sometimes i see people post pics of nachos and im always like those are not nachos.

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