Saturday, June 29, 2013

the squeaky wheel

how does that phrase go? the squeaky wheel gets the grease (oil?).  i just googled it cause its been a while since ive heard it. 
anyway the other day i emailed weight watchers with this

Questions:  I ordered the activelink the same day that i started weight watchers online (june 14), i received my activelink June 19, which i was excited about.  Unfortunately the item did not work at all, I ended up calling Philips directly and they are sending me a replacement unit, but I feel like i should get some type of compensation for having to wait additional time to receive my activelink.  I do not expect a full refund, but even just a free month or two of activelink subscription would make it worth the wait.  Today is June 28th and I have yet to get my replacement unit but I am still in the 7-10 business day waiting period.

i just got a response back.   and im happier with what they gave me vs what i asked for. 

Dear Jaime,
We apologize for any problems you've experienced.
We will gladly extend your next billing date to 9/28/2013, giving you 2 free weeks.

sweet.  two free weeks of WW.  im sure he couldnt have given me anything towards my activelink since i never got it.

so YAY, it shows it doesnt hurt to ask.
thank you weight watchers

i did just get my activelink today by the way.  with a return label for the defective one.  hopefully they are able to figure out what is going on with it.  the one i got worked just fine (i did have to reset my computer).

so i am in the 8 day assessment period.

that is what it looks like with the case on it (if you remove the case it has the USB port on the one side).

the box, i had read that it looked like a pregnancy test package and they are right.  :) 

anyway my husband and i went out to longhorn last night for dinner, i ate a crazy amount of points, but im ok with it.  i counted everything.  53 points.  haha. 
and i had to weigh in yesterday for my 2nd diet bet. i did it after dinner and i was 203.2 lbs. 
here are the embarrassing pics for you guys:
i never have taken pics of my feet before, i feel like my toes look wrong.  i wear size 10 shoes, so maybe that is why they look so small?  anyway like before, my scale tells me how much i weigh and then it also says how many calories i need in order to maintain my weight (so that is the 2605).  and my husband set up a second light so that we could see the display without having to readjust the brightness.
there i am on the scale.  my hair is puffy for some reason (those people with naturally curly hair know how temperamental it can be) i had to run through the rain to get to my car yesterday after eating at long horn, which is probably why it had poofed. 
if you guys want to join my diet bet, it starts tomorrow and it is open to anyone.  you dont have to share your embarrassing pics though, just with dietbet. the link to it is in yesterdays entry.
and a bonus for reading this entire thing
the puppy being cute (kira).  we have been having a week long thunderstorms in the afternoon and this was between two of them.  she actually had her head between her front legs looking at me like Is it over?  (see that blanket? she stole it out of the closest a few months ago and i just let her have it,  her baby, the black and white cat-knows how to open doors, so they work together to get things they want. that blanket was my dad's). 


  1. Wow 56 points in one meal..that is amazing. I would hate to know how many points I normally eat. Esp right now, I am eating peanuts..and they are sooooo good.

  2. You right I think I am going to start with more attainable goals, like 5lbs at a time like a nice little weight loss staircase going down. Sadly, I have learned as I get older the squeaky wheel does get greased or whatever. Normally I don't complain or cause a stink unless it is completely something that needs to be done. That scale is awesome!!