Friday, July 26, 2013

Weight Watchers weigh in #6

Last week: 198.6 lb
this week: 195.4 lb
loss of 3.2

see a lot more smilie faces on this one. i made an effort to click the boxes.

my points break down per day.  30 points per day, plus 49 points plus all activity points eaten (i have a question about these activity points but ill put that below)

Friday: 41
Saturday: 52
Sunday: 32
Monday: 37
Tuesday: 33
Wednesday: 35
Thursday: 32
total: 262 average 37.4

so this question about activity points, so i earn them, they show up in my tracker the next day.  so what does that mean when it comes to thursday nights?  does that go into fridays (new week?).
also if the active link is as smart as i think it is, i was way over estimating the amount of points i would get way back when i was doing WW before.  i mean i would have called 30 day shred level 1 at least 1 point if not 2, but according to my activelink. nope.  no extra points for that one.

i missed one of my days on activelink's goals, it was last friday. i ended the day at 98%.  i was eating running up and down the stairs while my husband was out getting our food.  then i was walking the perimeter of our back yard while the doggie was going potty.
technically im not supposed to be earning any points just yet.  but if i go to the gym im not going to go for 10 minutes.

anyway im actually not feeling well this morning, so im going to finish up a few things at work and head out for the day.  (i call these puppy date days, she sleeps on the bed with me and thinks it is the best thing EVER).

my 2nd diet bet comes to a close tomorrow, im really close (like .3 away from goal).  being with how upset my stomach is ill probably blow past that number.  either that or ill gain crazy amounts of weight.

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  1. feel better, congratulations for continuing in the right direction!