Friday, July 12, 2013

Weight watchers weigh in #4

Last week: 199.6
this week: 197.4
loss of 2.2 lb

pretty good weigh in if you ask me.
i also found this on a separate tab in my WW progress reports
as for the activity earned?  what?  i think i earned 3 points total the entire time i was tracking.  and that was when i mowed my back yard and i was dripping with sweat and i thought i earned 2 small packs of peanut m&ms (5 points for two of them).  but that just shows that i am tracking every day.
im still doing horrible at tracking my healthy guidelines.  it doesnt mean i dont do it.  i just dont think to click the boxes.
average activity points for this past week 30 points per day plus 49 activity points.
Friday: 49
Saturday: 40
Sunday: 36
Monday: 33
Tuesday: 34
Wednesday: 35
Thursday: 32
total 259
average 37

im probably sucking at the water intake.  i drink a 16.9 fl oz bottle each day at work, and i usually take my thyroid meds with 8 oz.  i might drink a glass of crystal light after dinner (fruit punch rocks).   i need to work on that. the issue with work is that the well is rusty, so no drinking the water here.  my bossman does have me buy bottled water but i think he would freak out if i started drinking 3 a day.  i could bring my water bottle to work too.  :)  when i am actually working out i drink a lot of water but i havent been doing any real workouts besides the level 1 of the 30 day shred the other day.
ive been hitting my activelink goals each day starting sunday (i was in my assessment period up until then), my goal is less than 1 point a day.  im still a tad bit upset that level 1 of the 30 day shred did not count for a single point, in the past i think i would have called that 2 points.
overall im happy with my 4th week of WW.  i mean im down 11.2 lbs.  i actually have hit my 5% goal with them (it is automatically assigned-it is using a really old starting weight by the way) i put my next goal at 10% which it said was 183.2.  i think my next goal will be 5% (and to just keep up with it).  or maybe 10% of my starting weight (208.6 which is 187.74).
so things i learned this week: periods suck (making me stay the same weight), that eating fresh fruits and veggies is actually good and makes me feel better-even if it is only in my head), that i like living in onderland and i dont plan on ever getting out of it again, id just like to move a bit more away from the 200s.
oh by the way my real % goal would be:

5%: 198.17
10% 187.74
that is as far as i want to think of right now. :)

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