Tuesday, July 30, 2013

random thoughts

so im still somewhat new to blogger, i have a list of people i follow, sometimes that disappears on my front page and tells me i follow no blogs.  then it will reshow up.  i am not sure what im doing wrong there (and more than likely it is me).
so i was messing around with my phone the other day and took this pic of myself (i was attempting to do the typical facebook/blog photo, well that happened after i had something in my eye and i was trying to figure out what it was).
so i thought i looked a bit creepy so i sent it to my husband saying i was watching him.
anyway if you look at that pic you can see my eyelashes.  they are constantly in my eyes, i just want to rip them out.  i know i know, i used to get told that most women would kill for those eye lashes (i have a lot of hair in general-do you think i like getting waxed?)
so i started another diet bet.  i made a 1.67 for my last one (4 players at $25 each, 3 of us won so after the 20% is taken out kind of left you with nothing).  so i think for now on i only join larger games.  i was talking to my husband about how much they charge, 20% isnt really all too bad.  i mean they have to have servers and people who work there.  plus any time ive emailed them they have responded right away and then one a bit later with a "we are back up" which was when i couldnt log in with facebook.  i think the new one i joined is called sandy's kitchen (maybe sandi's) i think it has august in the title too.  so right now im doing two dietbets.  i need to weigh in for the new one tonight after work.
i have restarted my 30 day shred challenge.  i want to do the 30 day shred monday, wednesday and friday.  the other days i can either go to the gym or do another one of my many at home workouts.  i figure ill rotate them again, level 1 monday, level 2 wednesday and level 3 friday.  so far im not having any troubles hitting 100% of my daily goal.  so until i stop hitting that number (it ramps up with my activelink challenge) I will not bust my hump to workout.  i didnt actually finish yesterdays workout, the neighbors dog was out and the fair is in town and it was almost hit a few times, so i went to change into another shirt (perhaps less cleavage) to get the dog.  but the other neighbor got to him in time.
im still eating every point i could possibly get my hands on.  i know a lot of people on WW only eat their daily allowance, but pfft no thanks.  ill eat 30 points per day, plus my 49 per week and then whatever i earn in activity (3 points a week, fairly low, remember my activelink doesnt think that 30 day shred is enough of a workout to give me a point at least not level one).  and yes i will cry when it lowers me down to 29 points.

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  1. that happens to me too- my list of blogs disappears but it always comes back. Weird.